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Six Month Rating

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Review by DragonSpyre See Profile

  • Location: Aurora,ON
  • Cost: $44 per month
Good "Exactly what they advertise what more can you ask for"
Bad "I have encountered nothing"
Overall "If you want to save money this will do just that"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I am currently on a Wind promotional 39 plan. This service includes the following.

Unlimited Data
Unlimited Canada wide Picture /Video Messaging
Unlimited US wide Picture / Video Messaging
Unlimited Canada wide Texting
Unlimited Canada wide Calling
Unlimited US Roaming
Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)
No Hidden Fees, System Access Fees or Activation Fees
Use your features anywhere on our network
Fair Usage Policy Applies

This plan was tested to work in the USA and was excellent on T-Mobile, at no extra charge I may add. I brought my own Nexus 4 and was off and surfing, calling and messaging the same day. The support staff who sold me the plan gave me nothing but solid service and really knew his product. I am now using a Nexus 5 with the service and have encountered no problems what so ever. I live in a rater urban area so I have no issues with coverage and I find that during any time of the day I have fast reliable internet and phone service. Was paying Rogers over $105 dollars per month for next to no data and nothing else. Switched to Koodo for a while and was paying them $66 for 6GB of data and comparable features. Saw Wind offer unlimited everything for $44 dollars with tax and I was sold. I may not have Voicemail with this plan but I don't miss it. I really hope that Wind will be around for the long haul and give the Canadian telecom industry the kick in the ass that it desperately needs to come back down to reality.

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Huawei mate 2

my wife signed up with Wind a couple days ago and got this big phone. Network is good so far but what impresses me is the phone-not its size but the control you have on the installed apps. I can limit apps their access to internet thru wifi or mobile network and other features like sweep all open apps at once and system tune up and the suspend but tom. I wonder why no reviewer on Youtube mention these wonderful features?? This phone run as fast as my Nexus 5 with a decent display and camera but it costs half the price of those high end Samsung or HTC phones which are obesed with many unwanted apps and that's why I bought my N5. Now for sure I will replace my N5 when Wind has a 5 inch version mate2.