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Review by BillyBob See Profile

  • Location: Hampton,ON
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "Since a change on 3/14/2012 system has been reasonably good most times."
Bad "Prior to 3/14/2012 speed was intermittent."
Overall "I finally gave up on them."
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·IKalTek Services
I'm in a very rural area surrounded by hills. Wireless internet was the only reasonable option for me. I had satellite internet service but it degraded to the point that dial-up would have been faster.

RuralWave.ca specializes in providing internet for rural communities. The install was fast and painless. Service techs are friendly. For several years now the speeds have been inconsistent with frequent outages and I've often considered switching to another ISP but the only other options available here are Bell wireless and Rogers wireless. I haven't because their cost structure for cap overages is very high.

May 13, 2012

Two months after my first review, RuralWave has been providing good service for me. Except for weekends, they have been providing me with exactly the 5Mb service I'm paying for.

On weekends, the speeds are hit and miss - always better than they were before their change to PPPoE, but often significantly lower than 5Mb. There are frequent short outages of several seconds.

My neighbor was a RuralWave customer but has given up in disgust after never being able to get a reliable connection and has gone with a Bell Turbo hub.

There is now a new wireless ISP offering service in my area. They've put a tower on our street!

I'm going to be watching RW speeds closely. Before the end of summer I may end up also being a former customer.

July 29, 2012

Well, I'm leaving Rural Wave. On June 27 I notified RW I would be cancelling my service with them effective July 31 and confirmed it in writing and by fax about 10 days later. On July 20 I had a problem with slow speeds and reported it to them. Their first response was "You cancelled, why are you reporting problems?" I explained I was paid through July 31 and would be using them until then. Then it was "There is no problem". When I documented the problem for them their reply was "If this gets corrected are you willing to stay on?"
followed later by a message saying "I don't want to waste valuable resources dispatching a tech and using L2 administrators to deal with the issue for 1 week of service". They did fix the problem later that day without sending out a tech.

On the evening of July 27 they cancelled my service and cut my access. When I talked to their support desk the next morning it was "because I had cancelled and their billing cycle ended the day before". I explained that I had an invoice showing I was paid through the end of July. At noon I received a call back saying that my service was restored and it had been their mistake. No offer to make up for the 15 hours of lost service.

The way my cancellation has been handled has completely confirmed my opinion that they have one tech support guy who should NEVER be allowed to talk to customers. All the rest of their staff appears to be friendly and competent.

If you are considering using Rural Wave as your ISP I have the following advice:
1) check your service frequently using speedtest.net and pingtest.net to make sure you're getting what you're paying for.
2) expect things to slow down on weekends and sometimes in the evenings.
3) don't be surprised if you encounter a real jerk sometimes when you have to contact them regarding a problem.

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