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Review by oxymoron69 See Profile

  • Location: Corbyville,ON
  • Cost: $85 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good " site survey and install took 2 business days"
Bad "doesnt provide contracted speeds, ever"
Overall "if you have slow/no dsl and no cable available, dont get wireless from kos"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

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·TekSavvy DSL
I wanted to try wireless after leaving the urban area of town, but this company had packages with usage in the range of 20gb, not good.

3 years later, they redid their website and now offer wireless internet with tiers that include up to 150gb and unlimited from midnight to 6am.

After trying to locate what I thought was their towers and determined maybe I could get the service I emailed them in may. I found out site surveys are free, but if service is available you have to take an install -else its $75

That put me off until august when I contacted them again about installation.
I asked if I'd have to pay the fee if they come and find service and they need hundreds of dollars in mounting gear. They said it varies and that in some cases the gears cost would be subsidized.

I pulled the trigger and had a survey.
They came and said two towers were in my neighborhood and one was too short to see through the trees that surround the area. The other is on top of oak hills... A 20 minute drive from here.
They thought it wouldn't shoot to the tower, it did...

I just need a chimney mount and a mast -$30 each.
They said I could pull 4-6mbit.

I got a 3 year contract for 6mbit/120gb @$76.95/month

I will update after the install with details and correct scores.

The guys came before 9am and were gone in under an hour.
The speed was around 5.7mbit, with pings around 75ms.

Then I noticed speed fluctuations going as low as 0.12mbit about an hour after they left.

After rebooting everything nothing changed.

I tried calling tech support around noon, no answer, went to voicemail
Tried again just before 8, went straight to voicemail
I sent them an email 14 hours ago, and haven't heard back yet.

I have never received a copy of the contract, no invoice for work done.
Email support is short with you, there's a severe lack of detail on their end of the conversation.

They don't really read/listen to what you have to say.
After lots of back and forth, they now say my hardware is to blame for the major drop outs in speed during peak times, especially after 5pm.

After 7 months and christmas in the middle, it appears this ISP severely throttles connections during peak times or simply doesnt have the capacity to sell more than 2mbit per subscriber.
They will roll techs to your home without notifying you first, which in itself isnt that bad, but if the person at home doesn't deal with these things, its not helpful.

The last I talked to them, they wanted to install some routerboard router to figure out what was wrong even though they repeatedly say everything is fine.

I'm sure it's not entirely malicious, but its not great value for your money. Dont expect watchable netflix between 5-11pm.

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·TekSavvy DSL


Parents have had KOS wireless for years, it's complete shite. They blame the weather, trees, etc when there's a clear shot to the tower and no inclement weather. Basically their tech is based on bursting technology and it's not very good at that. When you get as few as 10 users using at the same time the service can degrade significantly. Tech support just doesn't care and they'll keep taking your money without even a smile because they knew dialup was the only other option for most. Xplornet is now competing against them but their service likely isn't much better.