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Review by ThatGuy17 See Profile

  • Location: Wheatley,ON
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "not under contract - canceling for only other highspeed service in my area"
Bad "rarely works, always going down, blame customer equipment ALL the time"
Overall "may as well go with ANYONE ELSE as WAVEDIRECT who uses Cogeco is horrible"
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Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I have been trying to use wavedirect, a company based out of Leamington Ontario Canada for a few years now (they use Cogeco). Given ample time to correct issues, the company instead likes to blame MY equipment everytime the internet goes down. After discussing ping tests and trace routes they sometimes "reset" things on their side to get me working, or forward to tier 2 support.

Recently they've decided to move my intermittent signal from a tower where service would drop regularly to a different tower where now service will rarely work.

I advise any out there who are considering WAVEDIRECT or WAVE DIRECT to investigate DSL, or Xplorenet, or TekSavvy Wireless, or anything else as this company has LIMITED support after regular business hours, does not credit for any down time, and does not seem to want to troubleshoot until the 3rd or 4th call (if then!) for any issues they exerience (nor believe customer's troubleshooting).

I have wasted far too much money, and even more time on over priced, intermittent internet with this company.

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updated 2.8 years ago

Roger B9

Leamington, ON

WaveDirect- Happy Customer

I live way outside of Leamington where there is no cable or DSL. When I found out that WaveDirect had come to the area, I called right away to sign up as I had been waiting for so long for such a service. I was probably one of their first callers. I think I'm customer #3 or 4. They came and explained that I was too far from their first tower to receive a good signal and it wouldn't be worth it. I told them that anything was better then dial-up and I wanted it. They came, they installed and tweaked and tweaked until they did the best they could. It wasn't the best but at least yet twice better than dial-up. Months later. I come home one day and it had improved 10 fold. I call them and they explained they had just installed a new tower closer to me and they came over when I was at work and pointed me at the new tower and that I was the first one connected to it. Since then, I haven't had any problems. Just recently, they called to ask what had changed because they noticed I was using much less bandwith. I explained that my son and his girlfriend had moved out months prior. They suggested I move to a smaller package, which I did, saving me $25 plus tax a month.

They treat me with golden gloves and I would recommend them. As a matter of fact, I've had many friends and relatives switch to them.

Wheatley, ON

Re: WaveDirect- Happy Customer

I'm glad that you are happy with your service, if they would have tried to work with me instead of blaming me, and if the service would have worked in an acceptable manner things would have been different for me.

Hopefully they treat customers with respect, and help them with problems... I know it would have been nice if they had done this for me. The posting they put on this review is not even close to an accurate portrayal of the events that I had to experience.