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Review by xtachx See Profile

  • Location: canada
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Great value, great call quality, no limits on data, friendly staff"
Bad "Coverage area is a bit small as of now - but they are expanding."
Overall "Great alternative to bell/rogers/telus. Awesome service and doesnt burn a hole in your pocket"
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Value for money:

My Other Reviews

Signed up in December last year when they started. Our city started with 17 towers or so and grew bigger and bigger with 50+ towers today. The call quality was amazing from day 1! Absolutely no complaints. I also never had a dropped call with them - and the voice quality is like a landline!

Plan: $35 - Unlimited North America calling, Unlimited Worldwide text and Unlimited Data!! (no caps)

Initially the coverage had a lot of holes but 90% of these are filled up. If you do notice a hole, drop an email to the network team - they are doing a pretty good job of filling up the coverage holes. In fact, they dedicated this year into improving existing coverage.

The staff are very friendly, and the CEO himself tweets and helps customers.

The phone selection is a bit weak - but this is mainly because of their AWS band - and people can buy a T-Mobile 3G phone and use it anyways.

Bottomline: Good service and extremely good value. Would recommend!

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