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Review by Doctor9 See Profile

  • Location: Toronto,ON
  • Cost: $35 per month
Good "Voice quality is excellent, professional voicemail prompts,"
Bad "No paper bills, fly by night company, predatory promotions, misleading sales agents,"
Overall "A company you can't trust"
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About two years ago after my terrible experience with Wind despite winning a free Blackberry 9780 from them, I decided to give Mobilicity a trial run.

I really can't fault the service or the sign up process. The service has been all around excellent. I initially started out on the $45 plan which includes literally everything. I was on that plan until I switched to the $40 plan about 5 months ago when they had another promotion.

Two months ago when I had to call Mobilicity due to a small change I wanted to do on my account, I was informed that their $35 "Friends & Family" plan was back and asked me if I wanted to sign up. The CSR said it would be a $40 one time "administration fee" and I would have this plan "for life". Naturally I couldn't pass up an offer like that so I accepted and paid the $40 administration fee.

Less than a week later I read in the news that Mobilicity is going bankrupt and for the past few months was actively looking to be bought by Telus. They did all the while pushing their $40 administration fee friends and family "lifetime" plan.

It's apparent now this was just a last minute cash grab before they went under. They knew full well this lifetime plan's $40 administration fee would never be made up by the $5 per month savings.

I called Mobilicity and asked for my $40 + tax administration fee back, but they refused. I would recommend every steer clear of this company, but they won't be around much longer so there's little use I suppose. I find it quite funny the plan is called the "Friends and Family" plan, because nobody would scam their friends or family in this way.

As a final insult I heard yesterday that the Telus deal has fallen apart, so they will simply be going bankrupt. I hope their creditors enjoy the $40 + tax taken from me under false pretences.

There is one thing they should learn from Wind. At least Wind provided paper bills and despite childish voicemail prompts and shoddy service, they didn't pull a stunt like this to their customers.

Avoid Mobilicity at all costs for the month or two that they will still be around.

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