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Review by bodop See Profile

  • Location: Aylmer, QC
  • Cost: $74 per month
  • Install: about 25 days
Good "Speed is as advertised, No congestion during peak times"
Bad "Sales, Customer Service poorly trained and can not be believed"
Overall "I would look elsewhere unless you are Tecnical and like to call your ISP alot"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Ordered the 15/1.5 Cable in Quebec (Videotron) on the 3rd. Told the DCM475 modem would be sent. Install for the 26th-tentative.

Modem arrived SB6120 which has 4 downstream channels not the 8 the DCM475 has. Website for 15/1 only mentions DCM475. Call to tell them this and they tell me it is because Videotron will Only allow the SB6120 for initial activation and to get the DCM475 I need to purchase it from them.

Which is a total fabrication on their part = Lie.

Truth is that they are clearing out old SB6120 modems for those in Quebec served by the Ottawa office!

Call comes that the install (InTech) will be the 27th. Tech comes and is somewhat rude, gives me attitude about running the line to the room I need it too. Makes the line 6 feet shorter than where I clearly showed him I need it and leaves.

Hook up the Cable Modem (SB6120) Modem keeps trying to get the profile and reboots every 5 minutes or so. Can see on the Modem Status page that it is getting to "Transfer Operational Parameters Through TFTP - In progress" Call and wait on Hold for over an hour until their Technical Support hours are over at 8:30 PM.

Call the next day and the Modem (as I suspected) had not been provisioned. Tells me they will have to Email another department and it will "hopefully be done today" asks for call back number to inform me when it is down. Not surprisingly - That call never came!

But a few hours later the modem is provisioned and there is internet access. They also stop your access to the modem to view status/diagnostics etc once profile has been sent to the modem.

Speed tests show the line is steady so far even during what would be peak times at 15 down and 1.5 up. Ping times seem high at between 25 - 50+ms.

Distributel has removed the modem rental fee for the fist 4 months as I have been dealing with a Distributel Customer Service Administrator - Dano who addresses Distributel issues here at DSLR in regards to the plentiful and serious issues encountered in dealing with Distributel.

I will see how the line and service test out over the next couple of months and if they follow through on the promised DCM475 - Highly doubt that will happen.

Unless you have hours to spend in dealing with Distributel and enjoy being misled and lied to then I would look elsewhere.

If Distributel is your Only/Best choice then be prepared to have some issues and spend time on the phone listening to lousy Hold Music!

In the end you may well get a fairly good connection!

We will see how it works longer term!

Will update with reliability status of Distributel connection in a Month!

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