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Review by tegrof See Profile

  • Location: St Thomas,ON
  • Cost: $60 per month (7 month contract)
Good "Affordable"
Bad "Everything else"
Overall "Steer clear.....far far clear"
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Wow, where to start with these guys.....

(summary for those of you that think this was long winded....Stay away from them. Their service is bad, their customer service is non existent and they will rip you off given the chance)

Signed up, all excited to get off Bell finally. Off Bell's 5MB down, 60GB limit that is. Signed up for Distributel's 15down unlimited. Sounded great!

One month in, weird...seems like my internet is slower than it was on Bell. Try speed tests, they _seem_ to be ok, but everything is slow. Video streaming(youtube, msn vid), music, my connections to clients for work. All just seemed slower. Video was a nightmare...buffering....buffering....buffering...Even Bell's 5 down was better.

I went through some troubleshooting with their tech guys, to no avail. They had apparently upgraded my service to 28 down since they did away with the 15 down, great I though. Well, the guy on the phone tells me it might be that my DOCSIS 2 modem may be the problem trying to keep up with the data. They tell me they'll send me a DOCSIS 3 modem................

Three weeks later, no modem still. I call....ok that's a joke....calling them means 90 minutes of hold time before you get frustrated and leave a call back number as it suggests.......guess what, no call back either. Useless. So I had to go on their twitter account to get someone to respond and tell me it shouldn't take 3 weeks to get a modem.

A few days later, I get up and stumble to my computer to start work.....to find my internet has been shut off. WHAT?! I call. I wait. I post on twitter. I wait. I finally get a call back ( I think based on the twitter person getting someone to call me). Turns out, they un-provision my modem BEFORE I had the new one in my hands. Now I've been on the phone up stairs and missed someone knock on the door. I go downstairs and find a slip from post guy saying it will be available after 5pm! So there's a full day's work. Thanks guys!. I demand they provision the old one so I can at least work until I get the new one later...and I'm told they can't. LIES! Luckily, I am able to get the modem just after noon and only lost a half day of work. Do I get compensated? NO.

I also notice I did not receive some return postage they said would be with the modem. I, again, use the only method that works with these clowns and hit up their twitter. I'm told they will send one right away. I get a white envelope in the mail two days later and place the modem and plug into it, take to post office, and go home.

Still have problems with my internet being pretty flaky, up and down for speed all the time, slow streaming, slow loading....a basic pain in the neck. After more troubleshooting, they tell me they're going to send me yet another modem since this one is "too new". A couple days later, I wake up to find my internet is SHUT OFF AGAIN!!! Once again, they unprovisioned the modem BEFORE I had the new one. Well, I called and kinda got a little testy with them, and they told me this is not normal....well I'd say that if I had two modem swaps and both times you shut off my internet before I had the new modem, that constitutes normal practice. Unbelievable!

Fast forward (past more intermittent service of fast, then slow, then slower, then fast, then slow) to more recently where I got a phone call to tell me that they are going to charge me 100$ for a modem that was returned with damage. The first modem they swapped out was apparently crushed a little in transit and ended up with a crack in it. Due to this, I am going to be charged 100$ for this. For a DOCSIS 2 piece of junk modem that was sent back in THEIR envelope, with THEIR postage/insurance.

So now I've finally had it with these guys, they have been nothing but a serious headache for me and this was the last straw, now I just feel like they're ripping me off. I've cancelled this and will move to a more upstanding service provider.

Stay away from Distributel if you value your sanity and want to be provided with any shape of good service/customer service.

I will be sure to tell everyone I know or anyone that asks me for advice on internet to stay away from these guys. I want my 100$ back you thieves!

A very angry _ex_-customer

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I wanted to know if they were sending me a return postage packaging for their modem so I tried calling them. Waited on hold for 2 hours and 55 seconds....at which point their machine hung up on me. I called back in and waited another half an hour and then, being completely fed up, I used their "callback feature" by pressing 1 and entering my number. Guess what, no callback....go figure. Same as before with this useless company. I just shipped it back and paid for it myself instead of waiting for them to charge me more money.

Unfortunately, I had closed my twitter account as it was created only to contact distributel. Twitter is the only way you'll be able to get their attention, calling in is useless.

Anyway, I decided to perform a test....after all that waiting and no call back.....

I called my new ISP, teksavvy. It took 45 seconds to get to a person....15 seconds of that was me deciding if I wanted to get to technical or customer. 45 seconds. Compared to.....unlimited...

On another note, I have been doing some downloading tests and see that I'm getting FAR BETTER performance on teksavvy than I ever did on Dist's garbage. Truthfully, I don't quite understand how this is possible since they are both on the Rogers cable network. I'm actually getting what I am paying for with teksavvy, was not so with Distributel.

Just stay away from Distributel. Terrible, terrible company..