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  • Location: NiagaraFalls
  • Cost: $9 per month
  • Install: about 55 days
Bad "Poor customer and tech support, no redundancy"
Overall "POOR value, inexpensive at the cost of frequent and extreme service outages"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Absolutely the WORST! FAR too many issues to document here.

I have experienced 8 service outages since Jan/2014 and more than 6 in 2013, most of them at least 2 days and one was more than 4 days. Compensation? HAHAHA! You must be kidding?

After waiting 6 weeks for them to ship a replacement adapter (their request, not miine), I drive to Niagara Falls on July 11 and they swap my PAP2T that was working fine. I bring home the replacement to find they did a bait and switch - gave me the really old PAP2T-NA that they told me they stopped using 2y ago because of all kinds of problems. Worst is, I no longer have phone service, they locked me out of my adapter (changed the passwords). My network sees the device, it's obvious they have not programmed it to reach their SIP server so my phone service does not work at all. They won't return calls or emails.

-On May31 there was a total failure from Friday until Monday. I later learned that other customers had service back on Saturday. And, the only way I could get it back was to do the work of reprogramming the ATA myself! They refused to come to my house but I know the owner drives to Hamilton and Toronto to help customers. Two days later they said they had to get into my ATA to program it again. My service is working, they won't say why they want into my network. I was given an ultimatum - open my network to their technician or have my phone service cancelled! In addition, they have turned off all of my features today. I have NEVER been harassed and threatened by a service company EVER until now!

Good luck if you choose this company. You get what you pay for so do yourself a favour - pay a little more and get something for it!

NOTE: **This is NOT a billing issue - I am CURRENT and always have been!

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Generally no ISP will back up email. It's a best of effort service and is generally spelled out very clear for that. That is why its best to use your own domain and its own host for that. Never use your ISP unless it hosts in the cloud and has backup servers in place, but still have the issue of if the ISP sells and you must change your email addy.