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Review by Pakapab See Profile

  • Location: Cap Haitien
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Inexpensive, reliable, Mobile !!! and now FAST!!"
Bad "A bit slow when on EDGE, but Rocks when you've got HSPA coverage!!!"
Overall "Best opption for the money"
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Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Natcom Haiti is Haiti's 4 th cell phone company, but the first to offer 3G Mobil Internet A very good cost and reasonable speeds. I have the Natcom 3G edge USB stick (ZTE MF 190s), cost, $30, it is a prepaid service, costs $20 a month for 350k/350k 1.5 Gb per month (.02 cents per mb if you go over the monthly allowance).

** UPDATE 30/3/12 ** Natcom now has a $30 for unlimited bandwidth, NO caps. I just switched to that option. **
Ping times are acceptable for me, average about 120 ms.

***UPDATE*** 25/06/12!!!!
Natcom has been deploying High speed data network and it is finally here in Cap Haitian, Haiti. 9 months ago it was amazing to get 350/350k almost anywhere in Haiti, They have now added HSUPA/HSPDA to their network and are progressively implementing it. I recently got quite a JOLT!!!!! when I did a 10 meg download, and it took literary just a couple of seconds. I first thought the file to be corrupt, but then after browsing around a little, at very high speeds, decided to do a speed test at pcpitstop.

Last Result:

Your IP:

Download Speed: 4124 kbps (515.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 1426 kbps (178.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

Latency: 119 ms

After calling Natcom customer service, I found out that for the same price I was paying previously, as the network capacity expanded, my speeds were upgraded A LOT!!! Now that being said, their advertised speeds are something like 7/3Mbps, but judging on the distance from the tower and other usage, that is still ROCKING!!! to get 4/1.4Mbps on one speed test, ..........This is Haiti!!!!!!!!!. This was a first for me!! Any way I wanted to spread the news, Haiti, out side of the Capital City, Port au Prince; Finally has Broadband!! The cost???? $30 a month!!!! BTW..... I am leaving the rest of my review, that I wrote back months ago within this so all can see how fast this has progressed. I will be keeping my Starband account, as I am a Starband Installer, but to be very very honest..... I just went out of business!!!!! but it feels great!!!

I can finally play some multi player games online, as a long time satellite internet user, this is a great benefit. Also now am able to be free and travel around Haiti with my laptop, iPad etc and be truly connected. Weather does not effect connection quality as it does with satellite service. Have not had any outages since I began using the service 3 months ago. There is very good nation wide coverage.

I still have my Starband satellite service, use it to make my bigger downloads etc, and for the price and service offerings of Natcom this is a great combination.

Bottom line, Haiti is turning a new page in connectivity. This is a great service for a country so poor and isolated. Haiti is skipping all that annoying wired service and moving to all wireless. Natcom is planning on deploying higher speeds in the coming months, 1.5Mb service.

This has also forced the other cell networks to play catchup and start to upgrade their networks and begin to offer comparable service. A little competition is always good!!

Natcom website is at: »

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