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Review by hdman See Profile

  • Location: New London,Waupaca,WI
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Forget what you knew about WildBlue. This is a game changer. FAST!!!!"
Bad "OK, for $50 you get 10GB per month...that still blows, but for us its OK"
Overall "If you can get by with 10GB/Month, and can't have cable, this is a GREAT choice."
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I had WildBlue when they first came into being. Was with them for 2 years and had no real issues. I left for cellular 3G and was there for 4 years. Now, the new Exede comes out and it literally BLOWS 3G away. My pings are high, but hey, thats what happens with sat. based ISP's. We are not gamers, so who cares. What you will notice is that when you type in a website, your browser will stall for about 2 seconds. Then.....sit back and watch the data flow. The stall is because your request goes to outer space, back down to earth, then the data has to to outer space, then back down to you. No big deal, unless you are a gamer.

But...when the data flows....watch out! My speed tests are near 20MB down, and 3MB up. It is advertised much lower, and it will get slower and slower as more people join on. But even if it settles at 5MB down and 1MB up, I'm fine with that.

I signed up via an NRTC reseller which is the only way to go if you can. They offer the 10GB package that you can't get from other resellers. The NRTC is an investor in ViaSat so they get a little better package to offer. Plus, they are LOCAL which means if I have issues, I have a LOCAL person to deal with.

If sat is your only option, go with Exede and skip the rest.


Update 2-4-13: Still working like a charm for us! We had 2 months of DAP issues due to a new DirectV Genie install, but even when dapped, the service was usable (unless you needed to download something good sized). Over all, we are very happy that we came BACK to Wildblue after having been gone for a while. This Exede product, IF you understand what it is and what it isn't, is a pretty good product!!

Again, I can't stress enough, USE AN NRTC installer if they are available.

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website problems

Do you have any problems getting on certain websites? We had Excede installed on 02/09/2013. The first week we were able to access Runescape. com on all three computers.(my kids FAVORITE game) As of 02/17/2013, they can't get on, (cannot display page...but when we diagnose problems it says...windows did not find any problems with network connections). We have called Exede and Belkin, our router, and nothing helps. How can it work on all 3 computers for one full week, and now it won't work on any of the three!



Re: website problems

the issue is, that exede is NOT compatbale with certain router belkin being one of them. the problem is, when you call in they will tell you to get a linksys or netgear.



Re: website problems

belkin routers are in fact compatible with exede satillite internet. i have had my belkin router working with exede for about two months.