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Review by odie15 See Profile

  • Location: Suisun City,Solano,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
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I was talked into Exede by one of their salesmen. I was told by him if I was
not happy with the service simply cancel and there was no risk. I was also
not told about data caps. So I tried it. Installation technician had to come
back the next day as he did not have the mount for the dish, Ok no biggie.
Tech shows up the next day and during installation I ask him what if I am
not happy. Same answer from him as the salesman. I tried it for a week and
it was not as fast as my ATT dsl so I canceled the service. They tell me I
still have to pay for the one year contract I am obligated to. No one ever
mentioned that either. I talked to manager and he contacted the corporate
headquarters. "Sorry.nothing we can do for you" Total B.S.

Tony Oddo JR

member for 1.8 years, 0 visits, last login: 1.8 years ago
updated 1.8 years ago

Exede Nick

Davenport, IA

I can help

I would be happy to investigate this for you and see what can be done to correct this with you. Can you send me an email at wildbluelistens@viasat.com so I can follow-up with you. Thank you.




bunch of liars......for 70 a month hell i will stick to free dialup and not be as frustrated



excede internet total bs!

Had this installed on Monday. Wednesday we get an email saying we've used 70% of our data. No one told us about a limit on usage! We call to let them know how upset we are and we want to cancel. They say sorry nothing we can do! Your obligated for 2 years. Total bs! Asked to talk to a supervisor and got the run around. Still nothing they can do. Told them I want it canceled and I wasn't getting off the phone until I was a satisfied customer! Best they can do is have me send back their stuff and will still charge me $15 a month for 2 years! I had it hooked up for 2 days! Absolutely ridiculous! Never again! And I will be letting everyone I know how terrible the service is!