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Review by JTS33 See Profile

  • Location: Torrance,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $90 per month
Good "Top-notch customer service, superb call quality, great value"
Bad "No web portal"
Overall "An excellent business VoIP provider"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Acrovoice has been amazing! We were looking for a new provider for our business after a mediocre experience with another VoIP provider. I hopped onto the forums here and saw that Acrovoice had a good reputation amongst long-time VoiP followers. And Trevor has been incredible! We wanted to use Panasonic IP phones (KX-TGP551) instead of the Aastra phones that he supported and carried, and instead of taking a "you're on your own" approach, Trevor worked diligently and tirelessly to configure and test these phones to work with Acrovoice. He worked with me on nights and weekends to get things going. and I've sent him e-mails very late at night and still got replies back in minutes. He even configured Tomato on our router, set up QoS, and helped create the secondary public WiFi we wanted. Now what other VoIP provider will do that for you!

Call quality has been superb and many times better than our previous VoIP provider. Before, certain offices would always complain we sounded muffled. The same offices now say we sound crystal clear. We had an issue with calling certain toll-free numbers, and Trevor rerouted it on the spot. With our previous provider, it would've been a tedious process of submitting a trouble ticket with someone in Level 1 who would have no idea how to fix the issue himself, and then not knowing when it'll actually be resolved. Being able to talk to someone directly who knows how to fix issues and takes care of it quickly has been a highly appealing aspect of Acrovoice.

Acrovoice's pricing is very competitive too...a flat-rate $30/mth per channel for business lines ($90 for our 3 channels), with the ability to increase or decrease channels on the fly with no commitment. Being in the U.S., I was hesitant at first to use a Canadian provider for more mission-critical business voice. Not anymore though. I would recommend Acrovoice to any one in the U.S.

If there's anything I miss from our previous provider, it is a web portal to configure options such as voicemail schedule. Although the receptionists probably prefer being able to contact Trevor to make changes instead of hopping online and doing it themselves. He always responds to requests quickly.

Acrovoice is an excellent VoIP company backed by top-notch customer service, superb call quality, and competitive pricing. I'll keep my review updated as time passes.

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