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Review by Mango See Profile

  • Location: www.toao.net
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Overall "I'm delighted with AcroVoice's high standards."
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Update: Trev asked me to help beta test AcroVoice's new SMS features. In spite of the fact that it's beta, it performs extremely well. Delivery is near-instant, the recipient sees that my message has arrived from my AcroVoice number, and it's generally easy to carry on a conversation. For the first time (that I am aware of) an independent VoIP service provider has matched the SMS features of Google Voice...but with the advantage of a Canadian number.


Update: I've recently started using AcroVoice for VoIP services as well as fax and have been enjoying their customary high standards. Latency is completely imperceptible, and audio quality is perfect. In fact, yesterday I had someone - completely unsolicited - comment that I sound "clearer". As much as I like tinkering with technology, I've been extremely busy with other projects lately and it's truly been a relief to have a product that I haven't had to touch since setting it up.


We've been using AcroVoice's fax service for over a year. From experience, saying that fax-to-email is easier said than done is very much an understatement. Whatever the secret, AcroVoice knows what it is. In 18 months of use, my customers have yet to find a fax machine or phone line that AcroVoice couldn't handle. I can't name any other fax service (and I've evaluated many of them) with that level of compatibility.

My favourite feature about AcroVoice is that they can encrypt your fax based on a public key you supply. If you need to receive confidential information by fax or are required to comply with standards that prescribe strong cryptography, this feature is well worth your time to investigate.

AcroVoice recently started offering email-to-fax as well as fax-to-email. I typically reserve AcroVoice for business use, but I occasionally use it for personal use when sending a fax with my own machine fails. It's useful that their PDF parser supports Acrobat's typewriter tool and stamps. Also, TSID and Caller ID/CNAM work properly.

Those who require high reliability will be glad to know that AcroVoice not only has equipment in Victoria BC but also Montreal QC. Should any issue arise with equipment in one facility, the other will be able to receive faxes. This must be effective as no one has ever reported downtime to me.

My colleagues and I highly recommend AcroVoice to anyone in the market for reliable fax-to-email and email-to-fax service!

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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River

1 recommendation

Great review.

Thanks, Mango, for detailed info.

You guys are lucky to have this in Canada, and I look forward to Acrovoice's expansion to America.