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Review by bartolo5 See Profile

  • Location: San Francisco,San Francisco,CA
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Fantastic speeds and pings. 4ms to google.com!"
Bad "hefty startup install fee"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Having endured all sorts of DSL and cable through the years Monkeybrains is a breath of fresh air. Install is somewhat complicated and expensive $250 (includes first month of service) but after than it's $35/month for pretty good speeds. I'm getting 30/30 approximately, it really varies. Sometimes I see 20 down, sometimes 45 .. Upload is usually over 10mbit and it's very nice to push content out there so fast.

Here's a test I just did clocking in @40/18 »www.speedtest.net/result/2200412207.png

Probably the best thing out there in SF if you can't get webpass and can get this.

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