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Review by whocares256 See Profile

  • Location: Anna,Collin,TX
  • Cost: $52 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Not AT&T and NO Cap. Dry Loop Available. Fiber available in Greenfield Areas."
Bad "Outages caused by contractor has affected several ISP in area in January and February. "
Overall "GCEC is improving their network. They are better than ATT and Suddenlink even though they are DSL."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

Update 10/28/14

I am now on VDSL. I usually get 35~43.5mbps/2.25mbps.

I was given an Zyxel P-873HNUP-51. Speeds vary depending on time of day and load on network.

Update 9/22/14

I have upgraded to the ADSL2+ DSL. I get around 17.5~18.5/2.3Mbps on single loop. I have gone dry loop and costs are $52 even with taxes. I am using my own VDSL2 bridge (Planet VC-231). Grayson County Telecom is currently working on line bonding DSL and should be able to offer 50/2 to 50/5?. In the greenfield areas they are offering fiber speeds of 25/5,50/5 and 100/5. »www.gcectelecom.com/images/FTTH- ··· -PKG.png Have not had any internet outages in last 6 months.

Update 4/14/14

I have gone back to GCEC as Suddenlink has had major outages in January and February. A month after I left GCEC they improved their speeds from 3/512 to 6/512. I went back to GCEC in March. I also found out that GCEC and Suddenlink use the same backhaul in my area so if there is a major outage with Suddenlink there will be a Major outage with GCEC. Contractor keeps cutting fiber links in Cellina, TX. ATT is not affected. GCEC has just had ADSL2+ available and I am upgrading to it. I will have 15/2. I will update review when speeds are available.

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Orginal Review. July 2012
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I got the Internet and telephone through Grayson County Telecom and it is OK. Not as fast as cable or FIOS but it gets the job done. I went with the 3MB/512 DSL and Unlimited Local and LD for $49.99 plus tax. The order was installed and setup in about 5 days. I was unable to get my computer unboxed until a week later. We had some storms last week and the DSL was running slow but I called Tech support and found out it was a problem with the ISP's peering providers in the area. The issue was resolved the next day. As far as the installation goes the box was installed on the side of the house and they stopped by to deliver the DSL modem. I was under the impression that it was going to be shipped to my address. The modem that I was given was a BEC 5100. I am using my own TP-Link 8817ish DSL modem.
Edit: Monthly cost and fees.
Taxes plus fee for Caller ID adds 50% to cost.

The only other options available are
ATT Max 3MB DSL w/Caps

Suddenllink is listed as the cable provider in my area but my side of the neighborhood is not wired up yet. So I only have 2 choices. 3MB ATT DSL or 3MB Grayson County DSL with no caps.

Grayson County Telecom.

Edit: Have had a few intermittent issues. Netflix buffering on high settings etc. Have had one partial outage in the past. One of their peering providers was not working and the internet was slow.

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When I lived in a community north of where I live now, its not served by AT&T, Suddenlink, Windstream or any other large company. It is served by a small telephone co-op that's been there for as long as anyone can remember. This small company is locally owned and serves about 7,500 customers in their footprint. Yet, they have run fiber to every RT in the very rural area and have been running FTTP for a while now. They project completion sometime around the spring of 2016 and will offer much faster speeds commonly heard of with Verizon FiOS.

If a small company can do this, I don't see where AT&T, et al, couldn't do the same thing, except the shareholders are balking at the returns. They could do it profitably, but don't want to, for whatever reason(s).

Maybe some areas should be bought by some of the smaller telcos. Might be an improvement.