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Review by Daemon See Profile

  • Location: San Francisco,San Francisco,CA
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Price is what they say, service is easy to set up, no modems"
Bad "Speed fluctuates during the day, no IPv6"
Overall "Easy ethernet for less than $1/Mbit/month"

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Update, 10/28/13:

Still no native IPv6 support, though I hear they are still working on rolling it out.

Recently, we've been having very slow speeds during peak evening hours. We happen to have one of the FCC whiteboxes in our home, and so I was able to look at historical speed test data and determine that the problem (A) started around Oct 1 and (B) was much worse for local/on-net connections than for distant ones. Bay Area connections were slow, LA and East Coast were fast.

I ran a few speed tests and trace routes and it appeared to be a problem with one of the upstream peers Webpass was using. I wrote them an email to tech support explaining what I'd see and tested. Less than 10 minutes later, they had responded and confirmed my diagnosis, saying they had recently see the issue as well and was working on finishing it.

Issues happen occasionally to all providers. I once had a problem with comcast, and it appeared to be a router having difficulty in the San Jose NOC. I called support and reported the issue, but the agent asked me to reboot my computer. I hung up.

It's refreshing to deal with Tech Support that actually listens to what you are saying and respond appropriately instead of reading off a script. For the price I'm paying and speed and service I'm getting, web pass can't be beat.


Update 1-30-13: I haven't run any more speed tests, but I do notice I'm actually getting >100mbps downloads during the day. Speed still drops at night, but maintains enough bandwidth that unless I am downloading from a high-bandwidth provider (OS updates, for example), I don't even notice. It's still plenty of throughput for Netflix, etc.

-They have not enabled any IPv6 services yet. This is not a major stopping point yet, but it does indicate how technologically advanced their network is.


I've lived in various locations throughout the Bay Area for the last 10 years, and, in that time, have been a DSLExtreme, Comcast, and AT&T DSL customer. We recently moved into a new complex that has ethernet jacks built into each unit, that, as it turns out, are connected to Webpass (

Webpass is a San Francisco-only provider of high speed internet in select newer apartment and condo complexes. They use a high-bandwidth wireless transmitter on each building, then run ethernet ports to each unit. In order to make things cost effective, they only do installs on newer buildings with many units.

When I decided to sign up, I just set an appointment on the website (they give you a choice of many one-hour windows-I chose 10am on a Saturday). The employee was very prompt, even calling me at 10:02 to let me know parking was difficult and he'd be a few minutes late. 10 minutes later he was at my door and said he'd plug me in and just wanted me to make sure everything was working. A quick 2 minute check and it was. Fastest and most punctual installation ever!

The price they advertise is the flat rate you pay- no equipment charges, no taxes, no fees. Just the straight price. Why every provider doesn't do this, I have no idea.

A few downsides:

-They advertise 100mbps service. Earlier today (mid day Saturday) I was getting about 60/60 service. Now, in the evening, I'm getting 25/35 service. Obviously, the rate is varying based on capacity and they've oversold the lines. This isn't a huge issue for me, as no other provider is going give me 25/35 at this price, and it's still plenty fast.

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