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Review by Eek2121 See Profile

  • Location: Newton,Sussex,NJ
  • Cost: $20 per month
  • Install: about 71 days
Good "Nothing is good about this company"
Bad "Bought their LTE device. Even purchased a premium plan. Still have no device."
Overall "Stay away from this company."

I purchased their LTE mifi device in september. They didn't ship it until October, and when i received it I discovered that it was damaged. Great, took them a month to ship me a broken device. After emailing their customer support (email is their primary means of support), i finally received a response 3 weeks later. After trying to script-troubleshoot me via email, I got nasty and told them the device was busted, they did, gave me an RMA, and I sent it back. After not receiving ANY notification on whether they received it, i called them, the guy asked for a tracking number. I didn't have it, so i told him i'd email them. I emailed them, they said they received it, but a replacement was on backorder for 3 more days. Well, 3 days, along with another week came and went. Still no sign of a device. I emailed support again, and they asked for the tracking number again...and here we sit. Tempted to start a dispute with my credit card company at this point, but i'd still be out $8 for the return shipping costs. Emailed them one more time, if it doesn't bear fruit, i'm going to talk to my lawyer.

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