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Review by TheTechGuru See Profile

  • Location: Sweetwater,Nolan,TX
  • Cost: $65 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 999 days
Good "I Have Found Absolutly Nothing Good About WesTex Connect Othan Than They Service Areas That No One Else Services"
Bad "Installation Coordination, Upload Speeds Are Last Decade, Understaffed, Been Told It Goes Out For Hours During/After Storms"
Overall "Find Anything Else Possible, WesTex Connect Should Be Your Absolute LAST RESORT"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

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I went to their office in person on May 20th to sign up for their 3mbps/512kbps service to get installed around move in time (May 30th - June 4th), I also informed the clerk that both neighbors have their service so there is no need to waste time on verifying availability. I also spoke with a technician to verify that their services would fit my needs for VOIP and VPN (low ping times, public IP, and no blocked ports). The front office clerk took all my information and stated that someone would call later in the week to schedule an appointment and told me that the schedule is normally not filled for more than a few days. The week of the 20th went by and no one called, I understand the following Monday was a holiday (labor day) and then Tuesday again no one called, so since I was busy a household member decided to call on Wednesday and was told that the earliest appointment would be on Tuesday the 4th. It was mentioned that a discount on installation would be appreciated since no one ever called to get this scheduled sooner. Then on Monday the 3rd of June someone calls and states that they need to reschedule installation for Friday the 7th due to a tower emergency. This seems odd to me as with most places I've dealt with have installs and network maintenance done by totally different departments/personnel. Due to the further delay it was mentioned that a free install would be appreciated and I also informed them that I do post a review of every ISP I deal with on DSLReports. Friday the 7th comes around and no one shows up, I get a email on my phone stating:

"We have received numerous emails, with demands and threats to report incorrect information about our company. The Board has reviewed those and has determined that we are unable to provide service to you at this time. We apologize that we could not come to a mutual understanding."

I never made any demands, they must think that asking for a discounted or free install for not installing on time is making a demand. If AT&T, Time Warner, Charter, etc denied service to every customer that asked this I don't think they would have very many customers. Charter even has a written policy on their site that there is a service credit for a late install. WesTex Connect acts offended as if this is unheard of.

I also never stated anything about reporting incorrect information, my reviews are 100% honest and I try not to "spin" them.

WesTex Connect has a sole monopoly in my area, there is no DSL or cable nor any other fixed wireless available.

One of their employees suggested satellite which is just plain not possible for many reasons.

1. There are many trees to my south.

2. Being a student with no credit I would have to pay $400 to get satellite.

3. Being a student I need to download many DVD-ROM ISO files from MSDN monthly that totals around 18GB a month which will exceed satellite's bandwidth caps.

4. Being a student I have to download gigs of windows updates for every new virtual machine installation for assignments which would quickly hit the bandwidth caps.

5. Being a student I need to stream instructional videos which would contribute to maxing out satellite's bandwidth caps.

6. Being a student I try to be frugal and thus use a VOIP service to have a home phone cheap, VOIP services do not work with satellite's high ping times.

WesTex Connect's denial of service is causing me to have to drop out of college for the summer term causing all F's or W's for the summer to be on my permanent record and causing me to have to break and pay out a lease to move somewhere where I can get internet service.

I am considering filing a civil suit against WesTex Connect to recover the costs of a semester of tuition, lease pay out, and costs of moving.

What they have done is very cruel and unreasonable.

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Ex Stelera Customer

After Stelera disappeared and left us with nothing we got HughesNet simply because there is nothing to pay up front and a free install, although they do want your first month paid within a week of being installed. $45-$55 depending on plan.

WesTex wants a $100 install plus first month service up front for much slower download and upload speeds.

Unless you have a real need for unlimited internet and an instant response when clicking a link there really is no reason to consider WesTex. Oh and VOIP too but just get a real phone line, it's so much clearer and you can actually send faxes on it, not to mention you can get 10 free hours of dial up from Juno or Netzero to use on your phone line in case of a outage. Everything from Wireless to Satellite to Cable can and does occasionally go out in bad weather, the most reliable is DSL and thus dial up too, because phone lines rarely go down (unless you're in New York and getting your local Telco switch flooded by a hurricane). :-p

P.S. Looks like other WISP's in ex Stelera areas are offering install discounts for people that got abandoned by Stelera: »www.lvwifi.com/uncategorized/stelera-news/



Look at what WesTex spends their high profit margins on...

Look at what WesTex spends their high profit margins on...


The money would be better spent on increasing speeds and lowering prices.

WesTex does not have their priorities straight by a long shot.

Fight for the User!



Re: WesTex Connect

We are WesTex's backbone access provider.

We are interested in learning more about your experience with WesTex as they may be possibly be in violation of their contract with us.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.


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·WesTex Connect

FCC Wants To Increase Threshold To Be Considered Served

The FCC wants to change the threshold for what constitutes an "unserved" region from 3 Mbps / 768 kbps to 6 Mbps / 1.5 Mbps.

Well even at the current threshold areas covered by WesTex are considered "unserved" no matter which plan one would go with due to their 512kbps joke of a upload.

May »www.skybeam.com move into the area as soon as possible with their 15mbps/3mbps Motorola Canopy.
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