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Review by EastYorkGuy See Profile

  • Location: East York,ON
  • Cost: $16 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Cheap, easy to integrate into existing system"
Bad "Not compatible with bittorrent protocol"
Overall "Expect to save money. Great service"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·TekSavvy Cable
Teksavvy sent me the ATA for a cost of $50 (Grandstream HT-502) which is connected downstream of the router (Asus RT-N10+) and the setup and install were relatively painless with only 1 session with tech support (beware of long wait times!).
We're on our second month now, and I'm becoming increasingly disappointed with the number of dropped calls - usually around the 12 minute mark. Teksavvy support has informed me that this is the nature of the service and to basically grin and bear it. On a good note, the ATA needed cycling only once and itself is very stable.

Keeping our old phone number ported over from Primus wasn't a problem save for their stupid $100 cancellation fee which should be a crime. I think VoIP needs a bit more time to mature before it's a true replacement for POTS.

Overall Teksavvy is Leagues better than the incumbents and I expect a lot from them. I do recommend Tektalk, but be sure to tread lightly with your bandwidth while you chat.

Update July 2014:

The good news is that using tektalk has lowered our monthly usage to a point where we only need 300 gb/mo. for our internet which saves us yet more $$.

When your torrent client is off, your phone conversations are crystal clear, and the calls are never dropped. Call as much long distance as you want and you'll never notice anything at the end of the month. Which is great.

We never have an issue anymore with this service; now that we know how to use it properly we recommend it to everybody we talk to and as always, feel sorry for all Bell and Rogers customers.

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updated 167 days ago


TSI Jonathan

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Hi EastYorkGuy,

I apologize for the experience you've had so far. We are currently in our busy season and have had some delays with our vendors causing an increase in call volume. We've hired on around 250 employees to help but unfortunately we were not anticipating such delays on our vendors side.

We strive to provide the best customer service and I want to investigate your account. Dropping calls after 12 minutes of a conversation is definitely not normal. I'll have one of our experienced Tektalk Tech Support representative get in touch with you to see if we can have the dropped calls issue resolved completely.

Please PM me your account information and I will have someone assist you as soon as possible.


TSI Jonathan See Profile
Online Experience Manager
Authorized TSI employee - Teksavvy Solutions Inc.

TSI Ashleigh
Chatham, ON

updated review

Hello EastYorkGuy,

Thank you for the update review!! I am very happy to see you are still enjoying the service. I am also happy to see you’re not having any more issues with the TekTalk phone service and are enjoying the service.

Thank you again for the updated review. If you have any questions or concerns we can be reached in the Direct Forum »TekSavvy Direct.

Please keep us posted on your TekSavvy journey.

TSI Ashleigh - Social Media Team
Authorized TekSavvy Employee