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Six Month Rating

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Review by HenryA See Profile

  • Location: Barrie,ON
  • Cost: $83 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Everything. Best service in Ontario. Can't beat the value or reliabilty!!"
Bad "NONE. Whenever there's a problem, they work at fixing it"
Overall "Excellent value for the money"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

I'm using Vmedia 25/1 internet service, no caps, no traffic shaping, and Vmedia's IPTV service. I've used 5 other companies over the past 20 years, and no one has better customer service than Vmedia. I mean no one. Whenever I've had problems, and yes, at the beginning there were quite a few, Vmedia worked damned hard on identifying and fixing it in an extremely timely manner.

To add, their IPTV has a huge selection of channels, some not available to Rogers or Bell, (most premium channels are in HD at no extra cost), and they have an a la carte menu that allows you to pick and choose packages or individual channels.

Their internet is always up. Unless Rogers is doing something locally to the physical cable, Vmedia is always on. I never have an issue with it.

The only draw back. No SMTP. Big deal, I use Gmail instead. Not a deal breaker in my books.

Want value for your money?

Go with Vmedia.

September 2014, and I've been asked to update my review of Vmedia.

I've continued to be a happy customer. Small problems are dealt with quickly and George and crew are the best at what they do. If I have a problem. I call, it gets dealt with and someone from Vmedia actually CALLS and makes sure that it is dealt with. No hassles. No bullsh*t.

I've found some questionable activity over the past year regarding comments and vmedia here at DSL reports. I've found a pattern where you'll see anonymous posters coming here, talking a bunch of unsubstantiated smack and disappearing. They don't post any real details just a bunch of sh*t. So. My advice. Don't get sucked into the negatives. Try vmedia yourself and if you don't like it, you're not locked in. You can always back out and try someone else. My advice to you is make sure you have a good primary ISP (Rogers, Shaw or Bell) that has a reliable network since Vmedia is a TPIA and has to rely on those services to provide you with the best service. I'll update next year.

Till then, stay happy.

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A Different Experience

If I wrote a review that was the exact opposite of my experience with VMedia, this would be it. I have not been able to watch TV in the evening for 45 days and every time I contact Support I am told they are "working on it with Cogeco". The last time I contacted Tech Support, I was told "when it's done, we will let you know. I would say the service was terrible, if there actually was any service, and most of the "Tech Support" staff have been useless in remedying the situation.

I have stats for bandwidth for the past month from the OOMA app and transcripts of all chat sessions with tech support, if anyone is interested in seeing them. Last night at 9 pm my download speed was .5 meg. And no one has me to update my experiences yet. Who asked the author to update his?

London, ON

Re: A Different Experience

Did you post your review anonymously as you are now, or through a DSLR account? DSLR will periodically ask you to update your review after a period of time via PM but since you're not logged in you won't be receiving it.


Re: A Different Experience

I was anonymous but now registered as Charley. Watch for updates on the saga with VMedia.



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That's because it's a Cogeco problem. Vmedia is second tier or TPIA. Barrie and area is supplied by Rogers and has excellent coverage and lots of bandwidth. My issues are rarely with Ciktel or VMedia, so why would I write a negative review? I empathize with you, but your problem is with Cogeco. Not Vmedia.