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Six Month Rating

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Review by koreyb See Profile

  • Location: Etobicoke,ON
  • Cost: $90 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Loads of choice for TV, customizable packages. Works GREAT!"
Bad "V-BOX needs a software update"
Overall "WORTH GETTING!, V-BOX just needs a software update for some minor issues."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·Rogers Hi-Speed
After moving OTA TV was no longer an option due to the direction of our apartment. We use to face Buffalo, so we got loads of channels. Now we face DT toronto, and OTA from Toronto is... ummm.. CRAPPY (programming wise)

I had a winback offer from Rogers, for $45 dollar, 30x3 service, 300 gig cap,free modem rental, free install, 3 months free. So I gave Rogers first chance to match Vmedia on a bundle of Internet and TV... They couldn't even come close, and offered soo many channels I didn't want/watch, it was not worth the huge difference in price.

Bell wanted too much as well, internet caps too low(100 gig) for channels again I don't watch/want

Vmedia was the choice.

I went to my local Mississauga Canada Computers, and picked up 2 HD V-BOXes for $69.95 each (much better deal than the $200-$400 Bell and Rogers wanted for their HD boxes), and put an order online for a transfer of service. Waited out my Rogers 30 day required wait time, and I'm now off and running. I'm also getting the extended BASIC package for free for 2 months, which basically pays for the Vbox.

Here's what I noticed:


Exactly what I'm paying for... 25x2 Cable. I'm getting exactly that. No slow downs during peak, consistent and solid. Rogers clearly disabled Speedboost on TPIA's, which I'm ok with, and it's actually identical really to my experience with TSI.


HD channels have greatly improved.. SD channels are not as good, but all the time they seem to be less and less, as they slowly move to HD.

Channels that I would like to see in HD which are actually available in HD are:


Channels I would like to see added:

CW23 (BUFFALO) (or any CW affiliate)
Fox 29 (Buffalo)
MY TV (Buffalo) (or any My TV affiliate)

Rogers has all of these, so I know it's legally allowed but, technically may not be possible (especially in the case of FOX 29, I think this is why we have FOX Rochester. I don't like FOX Rochester's schedule as much as FOX 29, and misses some shows in new run, that they run on syndication.)

V-Cloud PVR:

Works Great, accept needs to include more channels if not all channels offered on Vmedia. (Licences I know are the reason, so I get it... just would be nice). It should be accessed automatically via the guide without pressing the RED button. IT would make it easier for less technically savvy people.


The V-BOXES from Canada Computers are different from the demo they have out.
The demo runs on Android 4.2.2 VS The one you get which is Android 4.1.2

The software on the one you get does need some work on stability. Both of my boxes do these and my friend who just signed up has the same issues using the same Android 4.1 boxes.

Issues are all minor, but do need attention.

Issues include:

When turning up volume, or browsing the guide, sometimes the v-box starts going crazy, turning the volume up and down very fast, or scanning up or done endlessly. This can be stopped by pressing the volume or browse buttons again. But shouldn't be happing at all.

After setup at the start, the box sometimes will not turn off after watching for some time once and a while, on the remote OR on the box it self. This seems to be fixed, after installing the current 1.8.03 software update, and setting up the box... doing a full factory reset. I only hope this stays working correctly as the only other way to turn it off when this happens is unplug the box.

I also noticed the vbox looses network connection regularly that required a power cycle to fix, until I also did a factory reset.

I'm sure this is all software issues, and can be fixed with the next update.

Final Thoughts:

GREAT SERVICE! I just feel the V-Box needs a software update to clean up some loose ends. PVR needs to have more channels added to the ability to record, with automatic access. I also would like to see some channels moved to HD where available and perhaps Buffalo american networks including CW and MY TV being added.

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