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Review by cbeard

  • Location: Huntington Beach,Orange,CA
  • Cost: $1089 per month (36 month contract)
  • Telco party XO Communications
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I signed up with XO for a 3 year contract with them May 2010. I was ok
with the 3 years as I have been in business for a while and we are doing
great and we were paying 1500 per month to Verizon and this would lower
my bill to 1082.57 per month. The first year went great. I then
started to have problems with internet speed about half way through my
contract. I am on 2 T1 lines with my own router. The time it takes for
me to load one page (Google) on the internet took me 3 min and then
timed out. I checked for viruses and nothing. This was going on for 3
days and then I called over to XO and they said everything is working
fine and they would have someone come out and check. They would call
back in 48 hours to verify apt schedule (Ticket number 72009494555. NO
CALL NO SHOW!!!!. I then called 2 days later to cancel my contract as
they are in breach of contract because they are not holding up their
side of the contract. They said that they would send me a bill for the
months remaining (May 2013). This situation is completely bogus. I
still have slow internet connection one month later. I want it fixed or
I want my contract to be over so I can get proper internet speed for my
business. I have 6 computers and have pulled all but 2 offline and it
is still slow to load Google, yahoo, and other search engines.

Can anyone help me and suggest what to do with this horrific company.
I am thinking about hiring an attorney as they said it would be 15,000
to break my contract and an attorney can get me out of contract for
about 5K. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If I was a new customer - run run run. I personally would never do
business with them. I feel they are unprofessional and I also feel that
they say they will do something and never hold their end of the bargain.


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lodged 3.4 years ago