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Review by newf7 See Profile

  • Location: Brampton,ON
  • Cost: $37 per month (24 month contract)
  • Telco party Bell Canada
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We called Bell, regarding our long distance plan, and were solicited for the Sympatico High Speed. We were told it was 7MB down, 4MB up and the cap wasn't mentioned. It wasn't until more than three weeks later we learned the up is a maximum of 1MB. I doubt this was an "honest mistake" as the lady, we were speaking with, told two of us the same thing and confirmed it. Also, when I informed the lady we didn't want the $10.00 "optional" services package, she attempted to give me the impression it was required.

The modem arrived, within a few days. We had a DSL connection but were unable to connect to the 'net. After more than an hour, support escalated and second level decided the problem was a defective modem. The replacement arrived, within a few days, and we, still, had a DSL connection but were, still, unable to connect to the 'net. Calls to support were long and fruitless until the fourth or fifth attempt, when a supervisor decided they'd send a technician to our residence. I pointed out that, since we had the DSL connection, it was unlikely the problem was at our residence but he insisted; an appointment was made, for the following day, during a five hour window. When the technician did not arrive, I called support and was told another appointment would have to be made. I asked to speak with a manager and was transferred. I asked for the number of the executive office and was given a number which, later, proved to be the "general manager's support line"; not the executive office. This lady asked for an opportunity to rectify the situation and, again, insisted on sending a technician to the house, even though I, again, told her the problem was very unlikely to be here. Another appointment was made, for the following day.

The following day, the technician arrived. After spending three hours, here, he was unable to connect, to the 'net, even using his own laptop and a new modem. At 4:30 PM, on the Fri. of the Labour Day weekend, after having been on the phone, for more than an hour and a half, with support, the test centre and his supervisor, he informed me that the problem was "a defective port at the central office". He, also, informed me that he was not allowed into the central office but a "ticket", to have the problem corrected, had been entered. Since it was a long weekend, I didn't expect the problem to be corrected until the following Tue. When it wasn't, I called support and was told, by the fellow I spoke with, that he'd look into it and call me back, within an hour or so. That was the last I heard from him.

Again, several calls, to support, were long and fruitless until the Fri., when a girl I was speaking with, asked me to hold for two minutes and left me listening to the most awful music for three quarters of an hour, when I hung up, called back and asked for a manager. The fellow I was, finally, put through to, apparently, made one call and I had a connection to the 'net; three weeks after receiving the modem.

Later that evening, I noticed my 7MB download speed didn't appear to be much better than my 1MB cable connection download speed so I did a few tests and all were under 1MB. I called support and was told I'd been "set up on the wrong profile" and that this would be corrected within 24 to 48 hours. The following Mon., I checked and the speed was, now, almost 3MB. I called support and was told this would be corrected within 24 hours; it hasn't.

During all of this, almost thirty calls have been made and I've spoken with more than two dozen people, at Bell Sympatico; five of whom weren't worse than useless. Several of the techs I spoke with had me right clicking on my LAN connection and trying to click on "Properties", even though I'd told them it was a wireless connection and, while my computer has a NIC, it's disabled. The last fellow that subjected me to this told me I'd have to trust him and he knew what he was doing. That same fellow told me he'd discussed the problem I was having, connecting a second computer, with his supervisor, and they'd determined the problem was my "operating system" and I'd have to take it to a shop, to have it repaired. Neither he nor his supervisor would explain why I had no difficulty with the wireless cable connection nor why the other computer, with the same operating system, had no problem with the wireless Bell connection. When I called back, the following day, the young lady had me disable security and I was able to connect. It didn't occur to me, 'til after she'd hung up , that all of my neighbours are, now, able to connect, as well.

I've been forced to answer the same, useless, questions, almost, every time I've called and been forced to perform the same, useless, procedures. I have a news flash, for anyone from Bell Sympatico support, the answers don't change, if it didn't work the first three times, it likely won't work this time either and taking a minute or two to read the tickets, rather than subjecting your customers to this sort of treatment, would go a long way to improving the perception that you're a bunch of morons. I've been left on hold, for up to three quarters of hour, numerous times, been hun...sorry, I meant "accidentally disconnected" several times, subjected to the worst customer service I've ever encountered and had messages left on the "general manager's support line", "Bell Sympatico supervisor desk" and "executive care" lines ignored.

To-day, I spoke with a fellow, in billing, at great length and in consuming detail, in an effort to get this resolved. I informed him that, when I spoke with the manager, at the end of the second week, she had offered me three months of free service, followed by three months at $19.99. Also, that, when I spoke with customer service, a week after that, the fellow I spoke with was to have an additional three months free service authorized. The fellow I was speaking with confirmed that those notes were on the account. I, then, advised him that, in addition to six months free service, followed by three months at $19.99, I wanted either the speeds I had been promised or to be charged for the speeds I was receiving; now about 3MB down and 500k up. I suggested that, since 5MB down/800k up with 100GB cap and 5MB down/800k up with unlimited cap were advertised for less than $20.00, $24.95 would be more than reasonable. He told me he agreed, would have to have this approved, by his supervisor, and would get back to me. Shortly afterwards, I received a call from a young lady who identified herself as a supervisor, then, informed me that I was only "eligible for 1MB", had been put on "the 6MB profile" and asking if I had confirmation numbers, for the customer service concessions I'd been offered. I asked if she'd spoken with the fellow I'd been talking with, earlier, and she told me she had. I asked her to clarify the situation, with him, and get back to me. She replied that she couldn't as she was "busy". I, then, told her that I'd had enough and she could either get the situation resolved or deal with my lawyer. Years ago, when a well known cable ISP was sued, it smartened them up, for awhile; perhaps, it'll work for Bell Sympatico, as well.

In the meantime, a few suggestions, for Bell Sympatico employees:

1) Don't ask how you can offer me excellent service; it's become obvious that you can't and your asking is like rubbing salt into an open wound.

2) Don't ask if you can help me with anything else; you haven't helped me with this and, again, your asking is like rubbing salt into an open wound.

3) Don't apologize; after the first two or three, they're, pretty much, meaningless.

4) Thank God for your job 'cause if you were doing what you're qualified for, you'd be down at the end of Yonge St., with a squeegee.

****** ADDED 9/12 1600 EST ******

I've just checked my speed and it's gone up almost 2Mbs. Still way under the 7MB, I was promised, but we're getting there.

****** ADDED 9/13 2355 EST ******

Earlier to-day, Bell Sympatico left a message asking that I call the business office with a reference number they gave.

I called and the fellow I spoke with claimed to have no idea what I was talking about. When I asked to be transferred to a manager, he decided he could help me.

Here's the Readers' Digest version of the hour and three quarters long conversation. He managed to find both notes where I'd been offered a three month concession and gave me a reference number confirming I'll receive six months of free service and three months at $19.95. It went downhill from there.

I repeated, for the umpteenth time, that I wanted either the 7MB down I'd been sold or to be charged for what I was receiving. At that point, he told me he'd done a "line test" and I was only "eligible for 1MB". A Bell Sympatico employee can correct me, if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that people in the business office aren't able to conduct line tests. In any case, he was unable to explain why, if that were the case, I've consistently gotten around 4MB, since the last time I bit...sorry, I meant "complained". I, finally, told him I'd had enough and he could either leave it to the Courts to decide what ought to be done or refer it to his manager and get back to me. He told me he was leaving, shortly, but would discuss it with his manager and get back to me to-morrow.

A couple of people have suggested that insisting on either getting what you're sold or on paying only for what you are getting is somehow wrong. Also, that, when you're screwed over, you should just tuck your tail between your legs and slink away. Personally, I can't understand how people like that are able to live with themselves. Do they not understand that it's that attitude that allows Bell Sympatico and others of their ilk to get away with treating people, as they do?

In any case, 5/800, which is a bit more than I'm getting, is less than $20.00 per month, with no cap. Bell Sympatico has a 60GB cap but isn't competitive. In the event they're unable or unwilling to provide me with the 7MB, they sold me, I think my offer to pay $24.95 per month, for what I'm now getting, is more than reasonable.

Here are my line stats and speed test results.

twdsm.attenuation_ds = 36.19;

twdsm.attenuation_us = 22.00;

twdsm.margin_ds = 18.00;

twdsm.margin_us = 15.00;

****** ADDED 9/14 1830 EST ******

The fellow I spoke with yesterday who told me he'd call back to-day didn't. Considering BS's performance to date, I'm not surprised. On the plus side, I'm now getting almost 5Mbs down.

My only concerns, at the moment, are wanting what I was sold and BS presumably expects me to pay for or being charged for what I'm getting. That and the continued unacceptable customer service.

I believe I've detailed the customer service issue sufficiently. Likewise the connection issue but I will just summarize that for emphasis.

1) I was solicited for and sold a package which was described as "seven megabytes down" and "four megabytes up".

2) I believe this is what BS refers to as the "Performance" package and understand it may not even be available.

3) I learned some three weeks later that the up could not be more than "one megabyte".

4) Initially I was set up on a one meg profile.

5) After complaining several times for more than a week my profile has been upgraded two or three times and is now at six megs.

6) I am now getting approximately five down and 600k up.

Having been unable to find anyone at BS, in a position to rectify the situation, with the brains God gave geese, after trying for more than a month, I'm sending the following e-mail message to President, Bell Residential Services:


I appreciate you're busy and this is not a matter you should even be aware of, much less involved in. Having attempted, though, to resolve a dispute, with your staff, for more than a month, and being unable to do so, even after speaking with more than two dozen of them, I thought it should be brought to your attention.

Rather than attempting to detail the situation here, I would ask you see the review, of Bell Sympatico, I've posted at "Broadband Reports" »Review of Bell Sympatico by newf7

Any assistance you may be able to offer would be appreciated and I do apologize for imposing.


I will be pleasantly surprised if this accomplishes anything.

Over the weekend, I'll be compiling a list of other discussion boards, newsgroups, mailing lists et cetera where posting "The Sordid Saga of Bell Sympatico" would be appropriate. Any suggestions would be appreciated and anyone, as disgusted with BS as I am, who'd like to volunteer their assistance, welcomed. Please e-mail dymajywyqarupomo@tempomail.fr

****** ADDED 9/16 1730 EST ******

Yesterday, I received an IM from, I believe, one of "Don's team of firefighters". I responded that I'd prefer to keep my dealings with BS "on the record", offered to give him my "b1" number and requested permission to post the content of any IM's. To date, I haven't received a response to that. Before anyone comments that this is being done on his own time blah blah blah, I'm aware of that and am not complaining; just updating the situation. Again, I'll be, pleasantly, surprised if this accomplishes anything but, based on my experiences so far, am not expecting it will.

****** ADDED 9/17 2250 EST ******

Earlier to-day, I spoke with the member of "Don's team of firefighters", for a couple of hours, and it was a treat; I think my BP went up twice and then only a couple of points...much better than the near fatal conversations I've had with many BS employees. We left it that he was to discuss the situation with management and get back to me to-morrow. He's the third BS employee to tell me that but the first I'll be surprised if he doesn't.

****** ADDED 9/18 2359 EST ******

I didn't hear from the member of "Don's team of firefighters". Before anyone comments that this is being done on his own time blah blah blah, he was at a BS facility during the hours long telephone conversation we had and he's a support person so, AFAIC, he wasn't doing me a favour; just his job. At this point, I'm still not complaining as there may be a good reason for his not having gotten back to me as he said he would...even though he has my telephone number, two e-mail addresses and, initially, contacted me through the board. I can't imagine what it would be as he was on the board this evening but, always willing to give the benefit of the doubt, I'll wait another day before I admit I misjudged his character and write him off as just another BS'er.

****** ADDED 9/19 1800 EST ******

I just learned that the member of "Don's team of firefighters" did call last night at around 2000 EST. I've returned his call and left a message on voice mail.

****** ADDED 9/20 2100 EST ******

I finally managed to speak with the member of "Don's team of firefighters" and he tells me BS management would prefer to have the issue settled by third parties.

During our conversation, he brought up my canceling and I've made it as clear as I possibly can that I AM NOT CANCELING. He, also, brought up the three months reduced price and six months of free service. Again, I've made it as clear as I possibly can that THE THREE MONTHS REDUCED PRICE IS A BS PROMOTION WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ISSUE at hand and THE SIX MONTHS OF FREE SERVICE ARE CUSTOMER SERVICE CONCESSIONS GIVEN BY BS IN PARTIAL COMPENSATION FOR MY WASTED TIME, THE INCONVENIENCE I'VE EXPERIENCED AND THE HORRENDOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE BEEN SUBJECTED TO in obtaining a connection to the 'net WHICH, AGAIN, HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ISSUE at hand. In fact, THE CONCESSIONS WERE GIVEN BEFORE I WAS EVEN ABLE TO CONNECT TO THE 'NET.

He, also, gave me another version of what the price should be. The lady I spoke with, when we ordered the service, told me the price was $49.95, less $10.00 since I didn't want the "optional" services, less a $5.00 "bundle discount" for a total of $34.95. The fellow I spoke with tonight told me the price is $47.95 (he repeats this several times and the $49.95 figure isn't mentioned), the first lady I spoke with li...sorry, "made a mistake" and the $10.00 for the "optional" services isn't included in the price but I would get a $5.00 "contract discount" and the $5.00 "bundle discount" is OK for a total of $37.95. I'm not going to quibble over $3.00 but it's a nice example of the conflicting stories one gets when dealing with BS.

To summarize just the salient points:

1) BS solicited me for and sold me a seven meg service which I learned later there was no way they could provide as the only CO available to me isn't equipped for it

2) I'm receiving an average of fifty-seven per cent of the seven meg service they sold me

Since BS has chosen not to resolve the matter by either giving me what they sold me or accepting my offer to pay for what they gave me, I'm left with no alternative but to continue the "battle of attrition", as it's been called. To-night or to-morrow, I'll be sending an e-mail to a few of the larger media providers detailing my issue with BS and asking if they'd be interested in bringing BS' current questionable practices and their problems to the attention of the public. Over the weekend, I'll be drafting complaints to the CRTC, Council of Better Business Bureaus, Industry Canada (Competition Bureau), Ministry of Government Services (Consumer Protection Branch) and Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations. In the event the matter's unresolved within whatever time frame is established by taking the foregoing actions, I'll be instructing my lawyer to proceed.

The fellow I was speaking with asked me to have a look at their terms which I did...again. He's not a bad guy so I refrained from asking why, after BS being wrong about pretty much everything they've told me, he'd think I'd believe they were right about this. Their corporate counsel looks like a bright, intelligent young lady. I find it difficult to believe that after soliciting me with what I'm pretty sure amounted to a fraudulent misrepresentation of their service and selling me a service they couldn't possibly deliver, she'd want to go before a judge and argue I've received equitable consideration. Oh well, perhaps they're hoping the judge is a shareholder. 8-þ

****** ADDED 9/21 2350 EST ******

I've been in touch with one of those "larger media providers" I mentioned and their consumer advocate is supposed to be getting back to me on Tue. It'll be interesting to see if BS tries to justify charging people for seven of something when they're only giving them four or they just cover their faces and run, shouting "No comment! No comment!". I, also, want to see how they handle the question of selling a service that they couldn't, possibly, have provided.

****** ADDED 9/25 1110 EST ******

I guess, this afternoon, I'll find out if I'll be getting my "fifteen minutes of fame". In the meantime, I've sent the following e-mail to Michael Sabia.


Approximately two months ago, Bell solicited and sold us a service we later learnt was not available, in our area.

Dealing with Bell, over the past several weeks, has been an absolute horror story and we have been unable to obtain any satisfaction in respect to this issue. I have received no response to an e-mail message sent to Kevin Crull more than a week ago.

At this point, I am speaking with a nationally televised consumer advocate and my lawyer. I have, as well, drafted complaints to the CRTC, Council of Better Business Bureaus, Industry Canada (Competition Bureau), Ministry of Government Services (Consumer Protection Branch) and Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations. Before committing to these actions, I am making one last appeal, to Bell, that this situation be rectified.

In the event you require detailed information, please see my review of Bell Sympatico at »/comment/63838


****** ADDED 9/27 2240 EST ******

To-day, Kevin Crull's office called and left a message. It was too late to return the call, by the time I received it, but I'll give them a buzz to-morrow.

I won't speculate on why it would've taken almost two weeks to respond to my e-mail and I'm sure it's a co-incidence they did so the day after Michael Sabia would've received the e-mail I sent him. It'd be pretty pathetic if you had to go to the President and Chief Executive Officer of Bell's parent corporation in order to get a response, from them.

Anyway, the "four megs" up was mentioned and they assure me their staff will be "coached" so that doesn't happen again. Not even a suggestion it hadn't been said so I suspect they've listened to, at least, some of their tapes. As I've posted, though, unless or until this reaches the media or a Court, the "four megs" is a non-issue. They can't provide it so the only use it has is as evidence they misrepresented the service we'd be provided.

The fact the "seven megs" isn't available, in my area, was mentioned. IMNSHO, this is an admission that they sold me a service they knew they weren't able to provide. At no time did they tell me this and took it upon themselves to give me something other than what I'd been sold, without my knowledge and/or consent.

The "discount" and "six months service" were mentioned. As I've posted many, many, many times, neither has the teeniest, tiniest, least little thing to do with the issue at hand as they are totally unrelated. I really have to wonder why anyone, with a double digit IQ, would have difficulty understanding that.

The "up to" was mentioned. IMNSHO, that works for ten, fifteen, maybe twenty percent. For forty or fifty, it doesn't. If this winds up in the media, it'll be interesting to see how they justify charging people for a "seven meg" service when they're providing a "one or two meg" service. If it gets to a Court, I really hope that's their defence.

The offer to release me, from the contract, without a cancellation fee was mentioned. Mighty nice of them since they enticed me into it by misrepresenting their service and, IMNSHO, aren't providing me with the consideration I contracted for so wouldn't be entitled to a cancellation fee, in any case.

Anyway, not wanting to be accused again of, as Deadpool put it: "...you're not even willing to meet Bell halfway and come to some sort of compromise." I will, as I said, call back to-morrow but, at the moment, it appears they're the ones with the attitude of, again as Deadpool put it: "my way or the highway" and that just doesn't work, for me.

****** ADDED 9/28 1030 EST ******

This morning, I see this, from Deadpool: "So what does your speed test look like now?"

I figure the question wouldn't have been asked without a reason so I check and, wonder of wonders, it's magically gone up by almost 1Mbps to 5.4Mbps. I check my cap and, as I expected, I'd been put on the eight meg profile. I posted to that effect and that, so long as my speed remained in this range and nothing that'd already been agreed to was changed, the matter was resolved, so far as I was concerned. Anyway, I check about an hour later and I'm back on the six meg profile and the speed's back to what it was so the matter's not resolved. At the moment, I'm trying to decide whether to be bothered calling the fellow at Kevin Crull's office or just carry on with "Plan B" as it appears, in spite of the suggestion that I'm "not even willing to meet Bell halfway and come to some sort of compromise", BS has no wish to resolve the matter.

****** ADDED 9/28 1405 EST ******

"Plan B" likely won't have any effect for a few weeks so I was wondering what to do in the meantime when I noticed this thread »Peter Silverman (CityTV) vs. Bell Sympatico Well, you see my reaction. Anyway, I couldn't reach Peter by phone so am sending him this e-mail:


Mr. Silverman...

I've just seen your "The Internet Computer Connection" piece and thought I'd let you know that Bell Sympatico has not "changed their policies". They are still lying to people, screwing them royally and jerking them around mercilessly. For numerous examples, please see »Bell Canada

My own review of my recent and ongoing experiences is at »Review of Bell Sympatico by newf7



****** ADDED 9/30 0930 EST ******

A few people have commented that they feel sorry for level one reps because of the abuse they suffer at the hands of subscribers. Personally, I don't. If they know what they're doing and are making a legitimate effort, I think it unlikely they'd be subjected to any abuse. If they don't or aren't, they shouldn't be there and wouldn't be subjected to any abuse. A couple of people have commented that they're just doing what management tells them to. That "I vas yust followink orders" doesn't work, for me. Even in the military, a private soldier isn't obligated to obey an illegal order. If management is telling them to lie to subscribers and they were terminated because they refused, they'd have good grounds for a wrongful dismissal suit...well, maybe not in India but that'd be their problem.

One guy I do feel sorry for is the Bell VP in the Silverman video. Have you seen the articles on the Sex Pistols button? I suppose it could be argued that he gets the "big bucks", for dealing with that type of situation. IMNSHO though, there's no amount of money that'd make it a well paid job. Anyway, I sent him the following e-mail:


Hi Mark...

They say "bad publicity is better than no publicity" but I imagine you'd disagree, after the past couple of weeks. On the plus side, I don't think even KFC's "I like the hat" ad has a chance, against you guys, for the coveted "Advertising Faux Pas Of The Century" award. Might've been better if you'd put it off 'til Yom HaShoah but Rosh Hashanah was good.

Seriously though, after seeing the reports of that ad and watching your little get to-gether with Peter Silverman, I couldn't help feeling sorry for you so thought I'd give you a "heads up", so to speak. Have a look at »Peter Silverman (CityTV) vs. Bell Sympatico.

A "media campaign" is phase two of my ongoing attempts to obtain satisfaction from Bell Sympatico. In the event that should fail, phase three is complaints to regulatory agencies and, if necessary, phase four and my last resort would be legal action. Initially, my intention was to deal with Wendy Mesley, whom I believe you know. That, though, will take several weeks and I'd prefer to get this settled sooner rather than later so, upon learning of this Peter Silverman, decided to give him a try, first.

I understand Bell Sympatico's position is that their use of the phrase "up to" permits them to provide a subscriber any service they like and charge the subscriber for whatever service they've sold him or her. Personally, I don't believe that will stand if tested, in Court, but I guess that's why we have judges. In any case, I'm sure we can agree it wouldn't stand in "the court of public opinion". Additionally, there's the matter of Bell Sympatico's soliciting for and selling a service which they aren't equipped to provide and providing the subscriber a service of lesser value, without the subscriber's knowledge or consent. This has been done to too many people for any reasonable person to believe it is anything other than an ongoing operating practice.

What, if anything, you choose to do with this is entirely up to yourself; as I said, I felt sorry for you and wouldn't want to kick a guy when he's down...unless I had to. In the event you decide to rectify the situation, please just send me an e-mail message, letting me know that you've either put me back on the profile I was switched to, briefly, on the twenty-eighth or will be charging me for the service you're providing. I've spoken with dozens of Bell Sympatico employees, over the past several weeks, and all it's accomplished is to raise my blood pressure about ten points. A message, from Jean Francois Lafontaine, telling me Bell Sympatico has done this or that, when this or that have absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand, didn't do a whole lot to lower it.



****** ADDED 10/02 2350 EST ******

Yesterday, two phone messages were left by a fellow from BS. I returned the calls earlier to-day and am now certain BS is trying to kill me by raising my BP to the point a major artery ruptures.

The fellow tells me he's calling in response to the e-mail I sent Mark Langton, to explain their position. Does anyone else have a problem understanding, from the e-mail message I sent Mark Langton, that I know what their position is and I didn't want any more telephone calls from them? Is that harassment?

Anyway, he comes out with some bs about my wanting to be "compensated" for the speed issue. Does anyone else have a problem understanding, from the e-mail message I sent Mark Langton or my review and posts that I don't believe they could ever "compensate" me and, at this point, all I want is to be given something close to what they sold me or to be charged for what they're giving me; I point that out to him. Then he tells me that the offer they've made is the best they're going to do. I point out to him that they haven't made any offer; just given me the same promotional discount everyone gets and given me two customer service concessions. I repeat and emphasize that the two customer service concessions were given prior to my being connected, realizing I was being shafted and have absolutely nothing to do with the present issue; I then repeat that I want either something close to what I was sold or to be charged for what I was given. His response was that I got what I was sold. I point out to him that:

1) BS sold me four megs up and my understanding is that isn't even possible

2) BS sold me seven megs down and my understanding is BS isn't even equipped to provide that in my area, other than by putting me on the eight meg profile

3) BS represented the service as "seven megabytes download" speed NOT seven megabits per second sync rate

4) BS has me capped at 6,016kbps

His response is: "it's up to".

I reply that as I said, in my e-mail message to Mark Langton, I'm aware that's their position but don't believe it's defensible either to the public when this gets on the air or to a judge in the event it reaches a Court. His response is that we live in Canada so I'm free to pursue those options but I got the impression he wished that weren't the case.

I'm sending a copy of this post to Mark Langton not because I think it'll accomplish anything but I don't want anyone to be able to say they didn't know what was going on or the writing was too small (inside joke), when the proverbial excrement hits the proverbial fan.

****** ADDED 10/08 0820 EST ******

To-day I see my first bill since buying the BS Internet access and, true to form, they've screwed it up pretty much every way possible.

1) There are charges for "Internet" even though I was given two customer service concessions equalling six months of service. There's no room for a claim of "misunderstanding" as, in addition to the conversations with the employees giving the concessions, they were subsequently confirmed during conversations with two other employees and a reference number was given.

2) I'm being charged $47.95 plus a $2.00 "Modem Lease" per month even though I was told initially that the charge would be $34.95 per month and subsequently by another employee that the first had made a "mistake" and that the charge would be $37.95 per month. Also, as I've mentioned, they haven't given me the service they sold me. Nothing was ever mentioned by BS about a "Modem Lease". There is a credit reducing the charge to $19.95 (three months sales promotion) so it's possible this is just convoluted accounting but, knowing BS as I've come to, I doubt it.

3) I'm being charged for the period of 28 August to 8 September, during which I hadn't even been able to connect due to a "defective port at the CO".

4) I'm being charged a $15.00 "Bell Sympatico modem shipping fee" which was, also, never mentioned. I wouldn't have agreed to this as I pass a Bell store frequently and would've picked up a modem there, if possible, or purchased one from Canada Computers for $20.00, if not. Also, I asked the employee who solicited me if there were "any other charges" and her reply was "no".

Rather than spending another hour and a half or two hours on the phone and again running the risk of a coronary, I'm deducting the "Internet" charges from my payment and sending a copy of this post to Bell's management.

****** ADDED 10/12 1210 EST ******

I see CBC's "Marketplace" is doing a piece on DSL providers. I understand CITY may be doing one, as well. 8-þ

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