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Review by vitesse See Profile

  • Location: Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu,QC
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Not to date"
Bad "very bad customer service, Expensive, Cheap equippement"
Overall "Why this company still in operation is beyond me."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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My Other Reviews

·Electronic Box
They ordered the service before I started to work for the company.
They send us 2 defective modem so it take 1 month to have a connection.
We had a contract the first year. We wanted to cancel after the first year, but the CSR had made an error. The CSR forgot ton cancel the service for an unknown reason, they admit it, but refused to cancel the "new" automatic contract. We stayed with them 1 more year, we could have gone to the court, but felt this was simpler to stay with them.

The second year we added a router. the router never worked with their "cheap" modem, I say cheap because of low quality of construction. They never understand why we wanted to add a router, nor why the modem wasn't working with it. they refused to give us support because we was using a router. We finally borrowed another dsl modem to find out that the problem was with their modem. They send us 4 modems, but we only received 1, they lost to order for modem replacement, (so it took 3 month to receive a working modem from them.

The modem is speedstream 5200 or 4200 (reconditioned and not always in working state)

We used their low speed dsl service (the line was good ans stable)

The main problem is with their CSR, not speaking French or English, and having for most of it, no knowledge at all in computer technologies (we talk to some CSR that had no idea what was a router, nor what was a pppoe connection and that's pretty basic technology today)

--- updates from another experience ---

Another problem with one of my friends. It was paying for their 6mbps package and was feeling is Internet was slow. He call many time the customer department to see why it was not really fast and they say everything was fine and he was receiving 6mbps service. Last month I took one of my modem to his house because the speedtest was showing only 2mbps. He is only 500meter of the CO. the attenuation in upstream and downstream was 6db / 8db the SNR value was 34 db for downstream and the RCO was 12% occupancy. So we call Bell to tell that. The first CSR was insisting that he was on 6mb profiles and that my modem was "defective" the second one tell me that it was an incompatible model (I have an ST516 v6) and that using another modem then what bell give was illegal. We finally talked to a third one that explain us that it is an up to 6mbps service and that bad electrical apparel inside the house on inside the neighbour house is preventing us from going faster. They all refuse to admit that the line quality taken from the ST516 was good.

He only wait is contract finish to go to a third party DSL provider.

-- Updates from another experience --

One of my friends took Bell internet last year. He call for numerous spped problem and everytime they tell him everything was good and that he was receiving the speed he was paying for.

Eventually someone tell him to do a speed test on www.speedtest.net and testvitesse.videotron.ca with is new "proof" of 120kbps of download and 120kbps of upload he call back and asked why it was so slow...

The CSR told him that all test on internet was inacurate and that it was really receiving the speed he was paying for.

I gone to his house with my st516 modem and took a dmt tool screen shot of his line. He was sync at 160/160 or something like that (doesn't remember the exact number), then he call back Bell with the "new proof" The CSR then told him this was possible that he see this number but that it was unrelated to the "download speed" and advised him it was illegal to do such thing and he could be fine if a Bell technician go home and found he was using an illegal not approved modem.

Enough was enough he decided to call back next day to cancel is service and then go with teksavvy internet. The CSR told him it was not recommended to do that because Teksavvy and any other Independent ISP was illegally using the bell network and he considered that kind of company "pirate" and he could get trouble technicaly and legally if he decided to go that route.

I don't know exactly what he tell him to convince him to stay with bell , but he now have a 2 year contract with them.

-- Updates from another experience --
Just finished porting my home phone to my voip provider. This month will be my last Bell bill. Just waiting BHell to call me As expected Bell screwed my lines... more to come soon

-- Updates from my porting --
They finally call me. They asked why I leaved bell and what can they do to regain me as a customer. Why do they wait their client leave to try make something to please him, I don't know. The CSR argued a lot about my decision. Voip.ms is not good because this is voip and it won't work at all. It's only 1$ because they are thief and pirate the Bell network, so it's easy to only charge 1$ when you have nothing to pay. I may have problem with justice if I continue to use this pirate network... After 10 minutes of this bullshit, he finally say. it's your decision, great if it's ok for you. Hope we will regain you as a customer in the feature, have a good day.

My only regret is that I hadn't recorded the phone call

--- update from my friend experience. ---
He called Bell some years ago because a tree was dangerously close to bell line. 4 years and after numerous call bell never came to cut the tree or move the line and now he begin to lost internet and phone service with heavy wind because the line is now inside the tree. tree grown and surrounded the cable. He call to get the line repair. After 5 tentative someone finally came in a call sunny day and found no problem, so they charge us 100$ because the problem must be inside home.

He called back and they refuse to remove the 100$ as the technician haven't found the problem with the line so it must be inside. After explaining the "tree" problem. they finally agreed to remove the charge and send back a technician. After 3 tentative they finally came, found no problem and he got flagged again with 100$ charge. He was really mad the next time he called and insisted to get someone to rectify the situation before the end of the week. They finally never came, he call back again to say that if no one came today he will finally go to their competitor. He hang up gone to videotron to get info about their voip phone, he finally get a phone from videotron, but found that bell have cancelled his services without prior notice, so he lost internet connection and his phone number. it's now impossible to get back is number and he receive a 200$ charge for two call of service (and the line still inside the tree so other people will still have problem) They simply decided to terminate is service without notice, probably just so he can't port is phone number. He never asked to cancel is service

He said to me he will never go back to bell for any services.

I really don't understand why you can lie so much and still legally be in business.

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