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Review by iFly55 See Profile

  • Location: canada
  • Cost: $51 per month
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Unlimited bandwidth"
Bad "Throttling and slow speeds"
Overall "6mbit does not suffice for 2011"
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Install Co-ordination:
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I purchased Bell Sympatico High Speed Internet mainly because i had a Bell Home Phone line since 94'. I have been back and forth between Bell and Rogers Internet Services but stayed with Bell since January 2006. I was paying $51.90, however my bill has went up and down with miscellaneous credits over the years.

My line read 7/800 but after overhead it squeezed through 6/650, these speeds were fine up until 2010 when more people in my household started using the Internet. We had 2 gaming consoles: PS3 & XBOX not to mention PC gaming. Facebook, Skype, Netflix, iTunes HD and the bandwidth and speed hogging Blu-ray disc and HDTV capture downloads.

I've been averaging 600-700GB a month as a result of all the downloads, but sharing a 6mbit is very tough; i've witnessed people's patience and state of mind deteriorate before my very eyes as a result of poor or in-connectivity. I tried to keep my downloading to overnights, but when the people under my roof decide to go nocturnal you get hard-drives and towers thrown and smashed.

My point is, 6mbit is simply not enough for a Canadian Household housing teenagers and adults alike; my flashpoint arrived when Bell sent me a letter which read, "$1/GB over 300GB"; after speaking with Bell loyalty representatives they told me because I had my plan before February 2007, i am exempt from the Extreme Usage Billing and to ignore the letter. I told them i don't want any surprises come April 1st, and canceled my services.

Although Bell representatives are outsourced they do have a refreshing amount of integrity, when i canceled my Unlimited World Long Distance Plan because my $20 promotion ended; the representative explicitly recited he was getting prompts to change my Internet plan, he ended up talking with a Supervisor who bypassed the prompt.

I was using a Speedstream 6520 Wireless Modem for the longest time and upgraded to the 2Wire 2701 modem during one of the violent "slow-speed" episodes at my home, which resulted in broken doors and hunger-silent treatments; we were having issues with placing the modem on the 2nd level of the home, for some reason the line quality was poor and we were only getting 2mbit on the 2nd level with "wired" connection. Bell offered to get a POTS line running to the 2nd floor for $100, but we ultimately declined.

Bell has a remote near my home, as a result i was able to get consistent reliable speeds; almost no outages that i can recollect. Unfortunately I'm not close enough to access their Fibe services and now with Extreme Usage Billing, i don't think i ever will.

Throttling was a time sensitive issue, but even during off-peak hours we still suffered it's effects. We went through the cycle of Port 1720 to Encrypted Bittorrent Connection to uTP and finally to port changing (every 5 minutes); for the longest time i spent $20-30 on a seedbox where i would download through FTP; with my final days with Bell i got a VPN which worked surprisingly well, although it in-itself had overhead.

All in all it was a fun ride, but 6mbit and Extreme Usage Billing just didn't shake out. I'm currently with Rogers Ultimate 50/2 service, and all is calm on the home-front ... for now

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