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Review by Tristan See Profile

  • Location: Ottawa,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "You get access to the internet."
Bad "Slow access, low caps, high overages, bad service"
Overall "Teksavvy or Start Communications internet is better, avoid Bell Sympatico"
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·Start Communicat..
I highly recommend Start Communications for internet service. Going to ask my employer to switch to Start.

Some of the problems we've had with Bell high-speed over the last 3 years are:
- internet service seems to go down periodically
- email server seems to go down periodically
- a bad Bell wire feed to our building caused our connection to fail. When we were connected to a different pair of wires, we lost half our speed. Took several calls to get it fixed. At one point, I was talking with a call centre employee that admitted she was in Jamaica, and she was most disrespectful. She didn't want to help, and rather cited that the speeds are "up-to", but really the problem was the card Bell connected us to was bad.

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Not a big fan of Bell Sympatico.

Was forced to get DSL because zoning technicalities made it impossible to get Rogers - it's actually Rogers fault that we can't use Rogers, even though Rogers offers service to this building.

Stupid Rogers.

Don't sign up with Bell. Teksavvy is much better, higher customer satisfaction, they fight for their customer's rights. Long story short, Teksavvy cares, and wants your business.

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