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Review by redgrandam See Profile

  • Location: London,ON
  • Cost: $30 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Cheaper than Rogers"
Bad "Unreliable, Congested network makes it unusable at times, contracts"
Overall "Better off going with an Indie ISP (like TekSavvy) that actually cares about it's customers"
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I've had Bell DSL for a few years. About a year ago I got suckered into a 12 month contract to save about $10/month on their services. This brought the price about the same as TekSavvy, (aside from the caps), since I wasn't using the internet all that much at the time I took the offer, and regretted it ever since. About 6 months ago the service in my area went downhill (aside from the previous random disconnects and other unreliabilities that required tech visits). My service now suffers greatly during peak times (all evenings during the week, and all day on weekends/holidays). At times my ping times are over 1000 ms and downloads cap out well under 100KB/s. When it's working the sevice is quite fast, for a 5M service I often test closer to 6, but only during good times. The repairs for my area have had no scheduled repair date for a fix, and all they will do is keep refunding partial months after talking for hours on the phone with them. Tech support is some of the worst I've ever called, and even the simplest of problems requires techs spend often hours getting nowhere on the phone.

I've decided to switch to TekSavvy Cable, to get as far away from this DSL problem as I can.

Since my cable install is going to overlap my internet by about a month, I went on Bell's online chat to see about dropping my service to a slower speed/package for my last month, and remove my 'usage insurance' that I had to apply recently to avoid huge overage charges. I was told that I am not able to downgrade my package under contract without a $100 termination fee. I always thought that the contract was to ensure I kept service, not to keep a certain package. Bell telephone/cellphone/bellTV have always let me make changes to my packages as long as I kept service under the contract. Locking you into the package (which by the way INCREASES IN PRICE while you are still locked in!!!) is absurd!

I also gave them notice that I wanted that usage insurance taken off in approx 2 weeks, and the CSR removed it immediately instead! Then I was told there was no way for them to do it for a future date and to call in then. They reversed the change.

I know I'm missing a lot of negative stuff on Bell Internet. Just make sure you think twice before signing into a contract. My contract ends soon and I've been counting down the days for a loooong time!!

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