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Review by redrain85 See Profile

  • Location: Canada
  • Cost: $66 per month
Good "Reliable connection, when it works - not much else in the way of positives"
Bad "Cost, Forced modem rental, Low caps, Phone tech support is useless, Bell's idea of fixing line issues is lowering your profile"
Overall "Leaving Bell after 7 years, don't support a company that is not looking out for its customers' interests any more"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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I first had Bell High Speed Internet in 2001, back when it was still called Sympatico. Then a year later, Bell tried introducing bandwidth caps for the first time. I cancelled my account and left. I wasn't going to support a provider that had caps, when no one else did at that time.

Then after a short period, Bell dropped the caps and went back to unlimited. So in 2004 I signed up again. I was satisfied with the service, until about 2006 when my connection quality began to degrade. Bell's solution was to lower my profile speed. This is typical of Bell, they'll do a quick band-aid fix rather than actually repair the source of the problem (the outside line or equipment).

By 2009, my connection had degraded to the point where I could no longer sync. The line was dead. Bell finally sent out a tech to look things over. He installed a DSL splitter, replaced the line card, and I obtained a new modem that could handle marginal line conditions better. I was back in business. Too bad I had to wait three years - until the connection went dead - before Bell would look at anything.

In late 2010, I moved to the Fibe 12 plan. At first, everything was fine and the connection was stable. But then one day, I noticed Bell had lowered my profile from 12mbps to 7mbps without notifying me. Maybe they took a look at my line stats and decided I was getting too many errors, so they instituted another one of their "quick fixes" without my consent. Then they kept raising their price. Finally, UBB and the return of caps.

Enough was enough. Time to say goodbye to Bell Internet. Your retention calls and thank you cards won't be enough to bring me back as a customer. Providing value for money and useful tech support is where you need to focus.

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