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Review by gyp_sy See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Rock-solid 25/7 all day."
Bad "Low caps, as we all know. 100GB on a 25Mbit plan, really?"
Overall "OK if you get a deal on it, otherwise not worth the $ at the regular price given the caps."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
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Update 19/03/2015: Although service remained reliable & Bell was very prompt in resolving some line corrosion in the middle of last winter, the price has steadily crept up to just over $60 tax-in. With Bell unwilling to budge on the pricing, the March Madness $0 activation promotion and $44 tax-in pricing from TekSavvy on VDSL for the same service (but 150GB cap vs. 100GB), the switch was a no-brainer (there was no modem cost for me as I already owned a compatible VDSL modem). Services with Bell are now cancelled and the installation of Tek VDSL is pending.


Update 03/01/2013: I moved back to Mississauga and had it transferred on 28/12/2012. The appointment was made a week in advance and a very friendly and knowledgeable tech showed up, one of the best I've dealt with from Bell. Service was set up in about 4 hours due to wiring issues between the street box and the demarc (contractors ripped the line up a year prior and the new line was not properly connected on the street). A new dry-loop number was assigned as part of the move. I asked that my profile be raised to 25/10 from the default 25/7 (to which it reset as part of the move) and my wish was granted (did I mention how amazing that tech was?); although the strength is not enough for full 10mbit sync, I do get a solid 9mbit. Solid service since, much as expected. Price remains the same. Cap remains unreasonable... come on Bell, even Rogers are beating you on it.. to say nothing of TPIA.


Update 20/07/2012: I moved to Brampton July 1st and set up a new installation at the new location. Time from order to installation was approximately a week, due to technician availability as well as my own. At install time, I was unhappy to hear Bell would charge a $99 fee to run a fresh line from the demarc to the modem, something Rogers/Tek Cable provide free of charge. I will dispute this when the bill shows up. The package is 25/10 now, the remote is ~2000ft from my residence. If I keep my inside wiring short, my upload is spot-on. The throughput/bandwidth quality is rock-solid so far, no complaints. The modem is another Sagemcom 2864. I received a new 12-month promo, this time at 35.97/month. I was unable to avoid the $50 activation fee (which, along with the $99 above raises my setup fee to a whopping $149!). Cap remains the same at 125GB.


Update 21/12/2011: they tried to hit me with a $50 one-time modem rental fee. Sneaky sneaky Bell, think I don't check my bill? 15-min phonecall cleared it up, no other billing screwups to report (yet). Service has been mostly solid - a few disconnects, but nothing lasting more than 2-3 minutes.


It's a Fibe 25 install with 125GB cap. VDSL all day every day.

I've been hooked up with the Sagemcom 2864 modem. The remote I'm on is something like 500m from my home, so signal is nice and strong. Installed the POTS splitter and handled the wiring myself (have a fairly complicated setup), tech was more than glad to let me do it

It took about 7 days from order to installation, the tech arrived in the scheduled timeslot, things went smooth (both with this and with the previous Fibe 6 install I had). I've heard a TON of horror stories about Bell, but I really can't say anything bad about them so far. There's been no downtime and no issues in about a month.

Wait times for billing and sales were very short basically every time I called (under 10min); the reps were courteous, though not all that knowledgeable.

I *do* wish the Sagemcom gave us linestats.. but of course, the more Bell can keep its customers in the dark, the better =). Just increases the load on callcenters if you ask me, you take away the option of community support (which DSLR is oh-so-fantastic at providing).

I can't rate tech support as I haven't had to deal with them yet. I hope I never do.

Value for money is calculated at the rate I'm currently getting (33.48). There was no installation fee, there are no other fees beside the monthly charge.

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