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Review by mand See Profile

  • Location: Chicoutimi,QC
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Very stable, fast, good services"
Bad "Price increases regularly"
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I ordered Bell Fibe 10 plan.

Read carefully and be prepared to click few times to get the real price for only one service on Bell's website. That's a bad point.
The plan includes a modem/router/4 port switch that allows wifi B/G and 75 Gb of bandwidth usage that are more than enough for my usage at this time.

I'm happy with the very stable download speed which is 10.5 Mbits (advertised 10 Mbits) but I'm a bit disapointed with the stable upload speed of 0.7 Mbps (1 Mbits advertised). Condition for the speedtests: my everyday network configuration.

I don't like their mail service which is a customized Microsoft Hotmail account. The service isn't bad but I use a mail client to access mail boxes and mail that is spam doesn't show up. It is important to sometimes connect to the webmail to check for false positive spams.
Hotmail doesn't provide IMAP.


Only one time 2 hours of service lost I'm aware of since I'm with bell. Don't now exactly what happened but I restarted the modem and all goes well again. Maybe I could restart the modem earlier to get the Internet back.

The Fibe 10 plan had a total price increase of 3$ this year. That's bad news.


Starting the year there's a new bonus for Bell : 2$ more on the bill for the monthly internet service. This time I called them.

I have now 115 GB bandwidth.

Another bonus for Bell this spring: money savings for each bundled services dropped from 5$ to 4$.

I'm more and more interested to host my little website myself but Bell doesn't allow customers to run servers and they don't provide fixed IPs for residential plans.

I switched to another phone service. Internet download speed fall to 2.3 Mbits one month later. Had to call Bell a friday afternoon for the dry loop. All goes well again monday evening.

Had an issue with lost of service starting end of november. Had to call Bell 3 ou 4 times in 3 weeks and repeat things again. Finally a tech shows up without appointement. The problem was outside.


Price increase on march bill: 3$.
End of march download speed upgraded from 10 to 12 Mbits.

Still good to very good service with Bell Internet.

June : Invoice increased 15% since december 2012. We move to another town. All goes well but we decided to go to cable especially for TV and Internet will follow.

July : I closed my accounts at Bell without any extreme hassle. Had some phone calls. All goes well.

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