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Review by againstwall See Profile

  • Location: Laval,QC
  • Cost: $55 per month
Good "Fast"
Bad "Service, bunch of liars, billing ajustment without client notifacation"
Overall "Don`t go with bell unless you like to pay more for less......."
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OK so when I joined up 9 years ago the cost was 39.95 + modem rental of 2$, speed was 5mb. Billing was all the time wrong every month for the first year so I had to call them every month to adjust the bill. I still got charged a late payment that never got reimbursed, whatever It was unlimited and it was the best.

A few years later I was upgraded to 6mb for free. Costumer service is terrible, you wait for like 1 or 2 hours no joke and you have a chance to disconnect.... great. Last year I was tricked out of my unlimited plan because of promises of a faster connection so like a moron I fell for it. They told me 80gigs a month and a speed of 7mb, I was blatantly lied to as the cap was actually 60 gigs and the speed is not faster, they even told me in 1 year there will be no such thing as unlimited internet from any company.

Year later i just noticed 60 gig cap.

I called yesterday to solve this issue and they told me it was my fault? How is i my fault if the person said it is going to be a 80 gig cap and not a 60 gig cap. Am I going to be reimbursed for all over downloads on behalf of your lies? I also told them to justify the price increase when basically im paying more for less. The person told me that gas prices are rising........ how the hell does gas prices have anything to do with internet? I believe one is for transport and the other is for information. I retold him to explane to me why im paying more for less, he kept going on about gas prices. Why are you so fascinated about gas?

I decided to cancel due to the company not respecting long time customers, lieing to us as if we are a bunch of dumb f&^ks. I don`t think i`ll ever go back unless they reimburse me for all the overcharges that were not my fault, give me back the unlimited internet at 39.95 for all the trouble I had to go through this last year and for the first year I joined up.

Thanks for treating me like a nobody, my business goes elsewhere, you loose all my cash Bell, I doubt you will call back with an actual good offer.

Btw there is still unlimited internet so what do you have to say about that lie?

Aug 25, 2012

So I looked at my bill today and now they expect me to pay about 80$ for this month, that's a lot considering that I'm sure i can get unlimited internet for that price instead of this 60 gig cap. Why are big company's allowed to get away with their scams and lies.

Whatever, If they want to make sure I don`t come back... fine. I bet that modem that they promised I could keep will have to be sent back right, just a guess but im sure of it, bunch of liars.

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