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Review by Chris 313 See Profile

  • Location: Houma,Terrebonne,LA
  • Cost: $30 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "VERY clear calls. People couldn't believe i was talking to them over the internet."
Bad "The TA I have (D-Link DVG 1120M) eats bandwith like crazy for the first few days until it adjusts. Try to get the Linksys TA."
Overall "After four years with AT&T CV, they rocked with very little problem and I would highly recommend them."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Before I start my review I'd like to say a few things. I ordered this service initially on October 1, 2004. It has taken until November 2, 2004 to finally get the service and and running due to tech support messups and a delayed response getting the replacement TA out to me to replace a dead one.

*End Rant.*

After getting things right with AT&T tech support, they overnighted a new TA to me. From what i said on the phone they knew i was pissed and would have dumped them if i didn't see working product within 2-5 days of my calls. It was here the next day, hooked up and working within 10 minutes of pulling it out of the box. THANK GOD!

I ordered this service after researching it because i was sick of BellSouth's crap and over pricing for so little services. I was paying 45+ for BellSouth. Now, i pay 33 bucks a month for what i had and so much more, GREAT DEAL!

Ordering the service was flawless, but only after was when the problems started. Six days after i placed the order, the TA came, a D-Link DVG 1120M. I pulled it out of the box not knowing the frustration that was ahead. We plugged it in according to the directions and all I got was a green power light and a SOLID red status light no matter what i did. I had 5 people try to help me, but to no avail, it had the same result. After about 10 emails and more trying, they came to the conclusion that i had a dead TA, like i didn't know that from the beginning. A request for a new TA was put in by a AT&T tech on the 18th. Days later, still nothing. So, i got on the phone and started tracking down. They had NO record of ANY emails that i sent them, nor any request for a new TA.

After a 53+ minute wait on hold i finally got ahold of a live person, she told me she was still on hold for tech support (she said they were swamped with business) and it would be some more waiting time. I couldn't hold on any longer. (I was on a neighbors phone and she had calls coming in.) So, I told her, will you talk to tech support and tell them to get a new TA here, pronto!?

The next day, i open my door to find the FedEx man walking up package in hand. YAY!

After taking about 10 minutes to open the package and hook everything up. I made 5 test calls and all but two (to a cell phone and during bad weather) worked flawlessly. I called my uncle and he was in disbelief that calls over the internet could be so clear.

Bottom line: If you're sick of your Bell company and can get AT&T CallVantage, GET IT! It works. Just a note, the D-Link TA they put out sucks bandwith like crazy, so if you can get the new Linksys TA they're putting out, go for that instead. I believe it performs better.

Note: 11/4/04

I heard a knocking on my door today, and opened to see a package from FedEx sitting there. It was ANOTHER TA! It would've been great except for one thing: I already received a working TA from them. Looks like i'll have to get a 2nd return label and send this one back.

Update: 6/17/05

I received a new firmware for my D-Link today marked as R2.0m19b. It has fixed the slightly annoying VMWI problem I had with the box from the start. The service is better than ever and is still highly recommended.

Now If we could get seven digit dialing and a five dollar price decrease. The service would be perfect.

Update: 11/2/05

Today marks the one year mark of me using the AT&T CallVantage service. Aside from some problems in the very beginning with a bad box, the service has been flawless and always up when I needed it to be.

I still recommend this service to anyone looking for an alternative to the overpriced bells.

Update: 7/6/07

Since my last update 2 years ago, service has been rock solid, great voice quality and almost 100% uptime. Other than this, I have had a small issue of only being locked to half speed when the box is hooked into my router, I thought my previous router was dying after two years, so I went and bought another one, only to have the same exact problem. After talking to a guy on DSLReports, I called AT&T and got a guy named Harry who helped to address my wanting to change my address since I moved. He put in the order for that and I'll know next time I reset my VOIP box. After talking to him for a minute or two more, I waited on hold for 10 minutes and got a tech support girl named Adrienne. We went through the motions and finally, she had me unplug the Ethernet cord from the Ethernet jack on the VOIP box, and into a port on my router, and to my surprise, the phone was still live. I went back and speed tested and got the full blow that Comcast's 8/768 puts out.

I'm not too happy about the wiring situation taking up three of my router ports instead of just two, but for now I'll deal with it and talk to some people to see how I can improve this.

I'm getting more than my full speed now without having to unplug and reboot my phone everytime!

AT&T CallVantage continues to rock!

Update: 1/15/08

Since my last review, things have continued to be great service wise, but money wise has taken a hit. Yesterday, I read that AT&T is cranking up the price I'm paying from 28.26, adding .99 to 2.39 to my bill. I do not like this and if they continue to crank up the price, I will be looking into some alternatives.

Comcast or Vonage may get my business if the price is right.

Beyond the recent price hike, I still highly recommend the service who is looking to ditch overpriced POTS lines and wanting all the features you've come to expect.

Will update after I get my next bill showing the hike.

Update: 1/22/08

I got my bill on the 17th and it actually dropped the price from 28.26 to 28.12. A little deception to relax my bitching about the price going up after the 12th? Time will tell.

With the news that CallVantage will be phased out down the line and U-Verse Voice phased in and at a 40 dollar price point, I'll stay with them only until they close the service and I'll be jumping ship to Vonage or Comcast Digital Voice, depending on which can give me the best price and no start up costs.

Update: 2/23/08

I took a look at my bill today and was expecting it to go up. Instead, it went down. I now stand at 26.42. That's damn close to the 24.95 my plan is supposed to be.

I'm loving this so far and will be staying for the foreseeable future.

Update: 3/22/08

Two days ago at about 9:30 AM I went to use my phone, only to hear dead air. Resetting my equipment showed no effect and a blinking light on my VOIP box. Coming here, I found that just about everyone in the East who had the service was out.

It lasted from 9:30 in the morning to 3:10 in the afternoon. About 5 hours worth of outage. Not that it mattered too much because I wouldn't have been able to do what I wanted that day anyway, as it turns out.

Also, I took a look at my bill a few days and find that they've cranked it up to 29.21, almost 30 bucks.

They keep cranking it up and I'm gonna have to look for something elsewhere. If the price gets to be 40 bucks I'll be switching to Comcast Digital Voice if the money's about the same or less.

Update: 6/13/08

Well, the time has come, later this month I’ll be a Comcast Digital Voice customer and dropping AT&T CallVantage after 4 years of very great service and decent price until recently. In an effort to save money, I went to Comcast today and checked into the Triple Play and walked out with one called Triple Play Premier. The package I customized includes every channel the TV lineup has, a DVR box that I paid to have added, 6600/1000 internet that I paid to have upped to the fastest they have right now (8800/2200), and unlimited phone service with all and even more features then CallVantage has, included.

With the promo price for the year, I’ll be saving money over CallVantage. Even after the year is over and I’m paying full price, I think I’ll still be saving money.

Time will tell.

Despite my switching, money was the biggest reason. Other lesser ones would be phone doesn’t work when the power or internet is out and the 911 differences.

Still, I accepted all of these for the time I used the service.

The only things that bother me about switching services is not being able to port my number that I've had for 4 years, losing it after I cancel the service, (Getting a new number actually turned out to be a good thing, so it isn’t all bad.) the portability of the VOIP box I have now that I won’t have with the CDV modem, and having to pay for another month’s worth of service that I won’t be using all of since my CDV install is just days before I cancel my AT&T CallVantage account.

Still, I would highly recommend the CallVantage service and would use it again if it came to it.

They left a good impression on me and I’ll always remember them for it.

I’ll update this review after my CDV install is up and running and I’ve gone to cancel AT&T CallVantage.

Update: 6/30/08

I got Comcast Digital Voice today. It's been a pretty trouble free experience, but I've found something better. I would definitely still recommend this service to anyone looking for a solution to the overpriced Bells.

Tomorrow, I'll be calling AT&T to cancel my CallVantage after 4 years. In a few ways, I'll miss it. In others, CDV is an improvement.

Update: 7/4/08

Yesterday, I called up and canceled my AT&T CallVantage service. About 5 minutes on hold and I got a person, said I wanted to cancel, gave email address and after the phone call was done, the box shut off and my web access to the site was disabled.

Good thing I saved any messages and contacts I wanted to keep.

Good-bye to a number I've had for four years. I'll miss it in a lot of ways, in others I definitely won't.

I still highly recommend the service to anyone looking for an alternative over the bells prices.

Update: 7/11/08

A few days back, I read in the CV forum that AT&T is possibly dropping the VOIP service. Guess it's a good thing I jumped to Comcast Digital Voice when I did because it doesn't look like my former VOIP service is going to last much longer.

Time will tell, won't it?

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