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Six Month Rating

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Review by HB See Profile

  • Location: 00000
  • Cost: $420 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
  • Telco party Covad
Good "Nothing other than the pain will only last 36 months"
Bad "Overpriced, unreliable, undisclosed massive junk fee"
Overall "This is supposed to be a T1?"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My install was a disaster. They were supposed to port over my phones, didn't happen and I was without business phones and fax for a week while the slow moving megapath got it fixed. But that was only the beginning. This T1 is unreliable, often offering horrendous packet loss and excessive downtime. SLA is pointless and obviously not punitive enough to get Megapath working on solving these chronic problems. Their portal is a mess. They have made so many M&As there are a 1/2 different login choices to choose from which would be okay except Megapath never provided me credentials to use. Same goes for customer no-service and billing; so many M&A's you are handed off to a zillion people trying to locate your account. I often have to hang up and call another number because the billing number on my bill wasn't the right billing number >_ Go figure.

The VOIP service is horrible with virtually no features with tons of flutter and drop outs.

Finally there is the B.S. $40/mo "regulatory recovery fee". It is not a tax, just a B.S. junk fee and this fee was not disclosed before the contract was signed. It is a totally bogus charge that amounts to 10% of the service cost. The final "out the door price" was FAR higher than the price I was quoted. In my business I have regulatory costs too but would NEVER consider stealing from my customers by advertising one price and then tacking on itemized overhead. Then threatening them with a $2000 ETF if they tried to cancel or get out of the bogus contract.

I would rather use carrier pigeon and smoke signals that these worthless geeks. I have about a year to go on my 3 year deal and then I am so gone. I though Verizon was lame when they took an increase on my POTS which is what had me switch in the first place but Verizon, who for more than 10 years at this location gave me FLAWLESS service is looking really good.

Service: Duet (T1+VOIP)

Price $500+ including 3 phone lines ($420 for the T1+ junk fees on a $360 quoted price)

Overall, Megapath is an unethical company and I made a huge mistake trusting them with my communications services.

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