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Review by nanaki333 See Profile

  • Location: Chantilly,Fairfax,VA
  • Cost: $2500 per month
Good "Used to be great service with primo Support when was Speakeasy"
Bad "When Megapath took over, you're lucky to get any support at all"
Overall "If you're looking for business service, look elsewhere"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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UPDATE: 8/1/2012

Service started acting up again 7/19/2012(as if it stopped, but this time really bad) having dropped packets and brief outages (once again, cable modem was fine plugged in to same firewall). Called in to a tech and they confirmed I had high packet loss and there was indeed a problem. They would open a ticket with XO to correct the problem. By this time, the line has stabilized as it always does, but as always, the problem comes back. 7/23/2012 comes around and I finally hear back and now they say there are no problems with the circuit so nothing will be done. Completely ignoring the problems they discovered and my long laundry list of tickets. Enough is enough. I'm ready to cancel everything.

Submitted request to cancel service on 7/23/2012 (they ask you email to create a ticket for this when I called). Few days pass and nothing. Create a new ticket for cancellation 7/30/2012.... Nothing back as of today (system says give them 24 hours. I about a week the first time and 48 hours the second time). Sent ANOTHER request to cancel. Sent about 20 emails today that I want to cancel and would like acknowledgement of this. If I hear no response from this, I'm trying the phone again. If that gets me nowhere, I am contacting the BBB and the Attorney General. I have not been under contract any longer for about 5 months and wish to stop my service.

Megapath seems to think by ignoring my requests and pretending they never happened is a good way to retain customers.

UPDATE: 7/16/2012

Took Megapath a week to get back to me on my intermittent problems. Once again, nothing was done because they saw no problem while testing. If they actually took care of things when I say I'm having problems, my service may actually be fixed. It is completely random when it happens and it can go on for hours, days or even weeks at a time. In the 3+ years I've had their EoC service, it has never been what I could call reliable. Can't wait for the fiber to get here. I would not use Megapath again even if the service was free.


Had multiple T1s, DSL and EoC service for the last 10 years and service used to be great. Ever since before Megapath merged with them, support is non-existent. I've got great stories of incompetent phone techs, to on-site techs.

10Mb EoC service drops to ~6.6Mb up/down with sporadic packet loss. Switches, router, cabling, everything has been changed out except for the service provider. Calling in with an outage is useless. They usually just wait it out and don't want to get to the root of the problem .EoC constantly has pairs that go out and I'm told to just reset the modem (Hateras) every time. How about fixing my service so it doesn't happen?

Data T1 has been out solid for the last 3 months. When I tried to finally cancel, my request went ignored for nearly a month. Only reason it was finally noticed was I put in several tickets, phone calls and emails telling them to cancel. Good thing the data T1 was only a backup to the unreliable EoC.

I still have EoC while I wait for my fiber install. I'm currently using Comcast cable modem as my primary connection now with EoC set for all site-to-site VPN traffic until my fiber comes in.

When I moved service to a new building, they never turned off our old service, so it was just gathering money and late fees. Finally they came to us and said we have to pay ~$8000 or they're cutting off all our services. This confused us cause we're always on time. After digging around is when we discovered it was at our old address that we had vacated over a year ago. Cut them a check and it took over a month to get our money back when we finally got to a top exec.

Phone service was a chore getting setup. After setting it up on a Friday evening and migrating everything over, we unplugged equipment from the test area to move it in to the rack. The tech forgot to save-to-rom, so all of the settings were completely reset. Called in to 'support' and they said it was a problem with our PBX (trixbox). Tried telling the techs that it was just working and stopped immediately after we moved the equipment back. We were told "Enterprise Support" has left for the day and won't be back until Monday and to call back then. After a bombardment of emails and calls Friday and Saturday, an 'Enterprise Support' tech called us on a Sunday and confirmed exactly what we said.... The config that was currently showing was the default with no changes made.

On a side note, sales people don't know the difference between phone services they offer. They do not know the difference between analog, PRI & VoIP. Asked for PRI, as is reflected on contract and was given VoIP/SIP. Took about 6 months to finally get a PRI handoff. Happy to say the phone service has been pretty reliable though. I get a lot of email notifications of Megapath SIP outages. Thank goodness I don't have that anymore!

Stay away!

Just thought I would update already. For the past week our EoC has been going offline completely, instead of just a pair. Good thing the Comcast cable plugged in to the same router has been reliable.

Jul 9 02:58:08 apinger: ALARM: WANGW( *** delay ***
Jul 9 02:58:30 apinger: alarm canceled: WANGW( *** delay ***
Jul 9 11:44:17 apinger: ALARM: WANGW( *** delay ***
Jul 9 11:44:25 apinger: alarm canceled: WANGW( *** delay ***
Jul 10 09:02:57 apinger: ALARM: WANGW( *** delay ***
Jul 10 09:03:05 apinger: alarm canceled: WANGW( *** delay ***
Jul 10 10:41:28 apinger: ALARM: WANGW( *** down ***
Jul 10 10:42:38 apinger: alarm canceled: WANGW( *** down ***
Jul 10 12:05:57 apinger: ALARM: WANGW( *** delay ***
Jul 10 12:06:04 apinger: alarm canceled: WANGW( *** delay ***
Jul 10 14:47:31 apinger: ALARM: WANGW( *** down ***
Jul 10 14:48:47 apinger: alarm canceled: WANGW( *** down ***
Jul 10 17:11:47 apinger: ALARM: WANGW( *** down ***
Jul 10 17:13:23 apinger: alarm canceled: WANGW( *** down ***

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