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Review by aphor See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $91 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Used to be Speakeasy"
Bad "Not anything materially like Speakeasy any more"
Overall "Why should you pay premium price for their substandard service offerings?"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I used to rely heavily on Speakeasy to provide rock solid uptimes for my outbound and inbound VPN access and inbound remote data access. Their support had been legendary. That was a long time ago. AT&T and Verizon have been aggressively rolling out VRADs, locking CLECs out of the high speed DSL market, and Speakeasy was forced to hunker down under Covad's umbrella. That arrangement was a step down from what I'd expected from years of Speakeasy DSL. Now things are getting leaner. Megapath is an also-ran brand, and the service outages I've suffered in the last month since they started pushing for contract renewals smell like desperation to me. They want to sell me higher speed service, but they can't compete with cable or short-loop VRAD terminated DSL. I'm now evaluating alternatives.

One year on, and problems with my local loop seem to have stabilized, but the main complaint most people will have is that unless you are just lucky: that you live close to a CO, and that you have a short loop, you will not be able to get decent speeds. Recently Covad started shutting down all of the old Speakeasy account infrastructure, like hosted email, and probably other stuff. 2012 was the year MegaPath killed off the remaining vestiges of the Speakeasy brand. Since they have no chance of building out VRADs or reselling short VRAD loop ADSL, 2013 is time for me to drop MegaPath.

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Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse


What type of problems have you had with MegaPath recently? I represent them (along with 15+ other CLECs) and are not aware of any problems except that they heavily rely on a company called Global Capacity in over 90% of their serviced areas since they pretty much gutted the COVAD/Speakeasy networks. GC is basically a wholesale company they place orders through and are again, resold to companies such as Qwest(CentLink), AT&T, and about 100+ other companies. So your uptime/downtime could depend on those companies and who they partnered with.

J Henly


Re: Problems

They can't keep their lines up or with even the same level of quality any more and their now surly support staff don't have any interest in pushing the LEC's to improve their lines like Speakeasy used to. Also, their accounts payable department is a disaster. They regularly took more than 30 days to register a payment that the bank confirmed was delivered, they "lost" multiple monthly payments ... although they "found" them as soon as I had my lawyer (at $300/hr) send them notices, and once I terminated my service with them, they sent no final bill and sent the account to collections before the bill would even have been due, then after another round with my lawyer, they admitted that they owed me for over a months billing due to their unbelievably bad accounting.

Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse

Re: Problems

as far as network goes, as I've stated. The old network is pretty much gone. Now its resold and using various partners that is just backhauled to the MP data center in DFW. The old Speakeasy and COVAD days are long gone as those networks are gone. Very little of them are still around. This is even the network ELink was using for ADSL2+ and New Edge Networks, all gone.

I can't speak for the billing department as I've never had any contact with them, but I can comment on the rest of the company- as far as support and network.


I too am very concerned about the poor performance of Megapath. I was a happy Speakeasy customer for several years. I am now paying over $80 a month for a less than dial-up quality service. My speeds used to be fairly fast for our location. For example it took over 20 minutes to download Firefox yesterday evening. There were no other devices on my network at the time. I also can't find anything if there are any guarantees about upload/download speeds. It seems after I signed a 2 year contract is when the problem started.



Megapath Rips You Off During AND After

I was so proud of myself a few years ago when I switched from AT&T to Megapath and brought my invoices down from $700 to $450 per month. Their installation seemed to go well at first, but a couple of months after installation our outgoing internet stopped working. I discovered the reason was that, even though they had installed all their equipment, I had still been hooked up to AT&T for sending. I know this doesn't seem to make sense, but it was when AT&T finally got wise and shut us off that our sending stopped working. That was our first experience with getting Megapath to admit something was their problem.

Phone and internet companies control many of the strings to business success. So, how do they expect their customers to do well when all the onus of chasing down a problem is put on the customer, so that the customer cannot pay attention to business and instead has to sit on hold or running test after test (all the same tests over and over again) just so that Megapath can avoid responsibility. It only follows that either their customer will have to end service or go out of business because we can't receive emails and phone calls. I do not know how it profits Megapath to treat customers this way, in the long run.

Things with the T1 line were fairly good for a couple of years (after they finally fixed the initial AT&T service mix-up), except the service was slower than advertised.

Then, last year, the bill went up $200 a month. This was due to "new taxes," so maybe I can't blame them for this, but still it seems like they should have done something to compensate or compromise to insulate the shock. Sticking on a new tax we weren't warned about and expecting us to just keep paying seems looney-tunes.

When we fell behind in paying this year, they had an internal collector call us. When we received that call, we had just been in a bad car accident. We were dealing with police and insurance and getting all three of the injured to a doctor. The collector was so humane that he gave us two hours to call back and make a payment. I understand his job is to collect, and our problems are not his problems. However, what kind of a person does it take to give people in a physical crisis two hours instead of, say, 24? I hate them.

In the last month our service failed completely. This failure had nothing to do with the payment issue. We would call and every time they would try to make us run the same internal test. They obfuscated and delayed sending someone out with a new device, or to even move the problem up the ladder. In an entire month, we were on the phone (mobile phone) almost every day for over an hour. Finally they told us they had people in the field working side by side with AT&T (those guys again?) and, when they finally told us everything was working, it wasn't. I hate them. I ended service with them and am not only going to refuse to pay my last two months of service, I am sending them an invoice for all the hours we spent on the phone listening to red herrings.