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Review by evincent001 See Profile

  • Location: Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $120 per month
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Reliable service"
Bad "Very expensive and poor speed"
Overall "DSL speed has gotten slower instead of faster and very expensive"
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I was originally with Covad, which was bought out by MegaPath. The good thing is the service is very reliable with outages only every six months or so and they don't last too long. The bad part is that my line speed is getting worse over time, not better. I currently get 1.2 down and .3 up. A few years ago with Covad I was getting 2.8 down and .7 up. I can't really blame the provider - the issue is that the service is coming through 40-50 year old copper phone lines that are decomposing more and more every year. The other issue is the cost - I pay $120 a month for this service. I have tried Clear wireless but they are just as bad (if not worse) because they throttle your service after a few months. Verizon FIOS isn't available in my neighborhood. All of this is amazing because I live in Los Angeles, not in some rural location. I've checked AT&T DSL but the only level they can offer to my address is .8 down (again due to ancient phone lines).

I'm about to try TWC cable for internet service. Will update this review to report on how that goes.

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Fremont, OH


I am a MegaPath business partner and I have a T1 from them. I have the same issues. Why on earth would you route dedicated lines from one side of the country to the other before going to the Internet is beyond me.

The company has totally gone done hill and I'm waiting for a new line to be installed from another company to finally be done with the service. Especially when I hit 100+ms to Google in Cali from Ohio. Any other provider I'm under 30. Even on my cell phone doing tethered I hit below MP's current numbers.