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Review by eltiburon See Profile

  • Location: Downey,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $65 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party Verizon (ex GTE)
Good "Great customer service, prompt solutions to most problems, knowledgeable support personnel..."
Bad "No 24/7 support... but then again, when you're this efficient, you don't need it..."
Overall "They (MM Internet) are the best service value for your money around the L.A. area..."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I initiated my Bronze service with WEBVISION (I suppossedly was the first GTE Downey Central Office ADSL customer in Downey) back in 1998 and later my account was sold to MM Internet, at first I thought -"Great, now I'm going to be with some little ISP company that's going to go belly up in 6 months and I'll have to look for service somewhere else sooner than later"- boy, was I wrong! MM Internet has done nothing else but provide me with great customer support the 4 times I've needed it and 3 of those were the telco's fault. I upgraded to Bronze Plus since then and now I'm contemplating Bronze Plus Enhanced. Static I.P. address price can't be beat but in my opinion at least 2 e-mail addresses per account should be included at no extra cost. Nick, Brian (how many Brians are there? Chris, Steve and all the other support personnel are the BEST... Keep up the good work and your customer base will keep on growing... | Thursday, 07/19/2001; UPDATE.- Now that I received my new DSL modem from Verizon (at no cost to me) I'm getting consistent speed test results of 718/121 kbps. My old modem (3 years old) finally gave its last effort with consistent 260/90 speed test results. So, now I'm going to go for the Bronze Plus Enhanced service with a claimed 1.5Mbps up and 128 kbps down... | Update 2001-08-12.- And guess what? I submitted my on-line request for the upgrade, received a prompt answer to my request and service started before the promised date... I'm telling you people, FOR YOUR MONEY, MM INTERNET IT'S THE BEST VALUE! |Update 2001-08-16.- Now I'm getting consistent readings of 1.2 and 1.3 mbps download and 115 to 121 kbps upload... not that it is going to make me a better player in Team Fortress Classic but the mp3s should download faster! :-] |Update 2001-08-28.- I just can't stand liars such as alfie and Tiggergem... Brian Hinds and all the techs at MM Internet will bend over backwards to help their customers and are prompt and courteous as long as YOU the customer is not abusive. Talk to/treat everybody the way you'd like to be talked to/treated and you'll enjoy life much better... well, that's my 2¢ of feedback regarding alfie and Tiggergem's postings. |Update 2001-10-15.- I've started playing around with Microsoft Front Page and also ordered and FTP program to post a web page on the generous space that MM Internet provides to ALL its customers (»home.mminternet.com/~user) for EACH e-mail address... I'll let you know how successful my attempts become. :-] |Update 2001-12-05.- Hey "jbauman"! (see his "comments" below) wanna become an MM Internet customer now? I'm just wondering if you got hit with the @home cable internet service bankruptcy and service interruption... |Update 2002-02-04.- The only problem I've had so far is with the billing department. I already provided the new data for my billing (which it was only a new expiration date on my credit card) but I keep getting "rejected card" notices e-mails... Let's see if later today they get it right. |Ipdate 2002-02-11 All problems with my credit card billing solved with 1 phone call. | Update 2002-05-08.- The new MM Internet Forum is cool! check it out here »online.mminternet.com/forum/list.php?f=1 | Update 2003-05-08.- MM Internet STILL ROCKS! | Update 2005-10-06 It still is a smooth ride with MM Internet... | Update 2006-03-30.- Well, the last problem I had with the recent rains in SoCal turned out to be solely Verizon's fault. Once my phone line was "switched" (tech's term) to a diferent "pair" (this also supposedly took about 400 ft. less distance to the Central office) my service has been the usual 100% reliable. MM Internet more expensive than the competition? yes... would I switch? not yet... then again you get what you pay for.

Here I am, June of 2008, new residence at the O.C. City of Westminster and MM Internet keeps on humming with no hickups, I now have my VOIP with them and I see no reason to change anytime soon. Great job guys! ___||___ 10 years and still with them since. | UPDATE, 05-21-2012. It'll be 14 years and now in the O.C. since 2008... MM still humming along.

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