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Review by myosh See Profile

  • Location: Cupertino,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party SBC
Good "Easy Installation, Consistent Download Speeds"
Bad "New 150 GB cap and possible overages... yuck!"
Overall "Sorry AT&T but you lost me when you implemented caps and overages"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I have been a cable internet subscriber since the late 90's when TCI was my local cable company and @Home was the service provider. Well, after a number of transitions (TCI@Home to AT&T@Home to ATTBI to Comcast HSI) and a number of price increases, I wanted to switch to DSL but it wasn't available where I lived.

In March of 2005, I got a flyer in the mail saying that DSL is now available in my area. I checked for availability using my phone number on the SBC website and it said I qualified for the Pro Package (3000/512) and the current promotion was $29.95 for a 12 month contract. Still leary about whether I would get the full 3 Mbit/s, I held off until I discovered the SBC Direct forum here on DSLReports.com. I put in a pre-qual request and within a day or two, a tech posted that I should be right at the 3 Mbit/s cap. With that resolved, the decision to order SBC DSL became a really easy one because by switching to DSL, I could save $13/month for the same speed I was getting from Comcast (3000/384, $43/mo).

In May of 2005, I placed my order through the SBC website for the free equipment and the free self-install kit. Within a week, I received a package from SBC containing my modem (SpeedStream 5100) and the self-install kit (filters, cables, software, etc). On the date my service was activated, I installed the modem and the software and I was up and running in no time.

The very first thing I did was run a speed test from DSLReports.com and I was surprised to see my connection test at 1200 Kbit/s which was less than half of what I was expecting. I asked the tech that helped me with the pre-qual why I was getting such a slow download speed. A little later that afternoon, I get a response from the tech stating that, for some odd reason, the modem was sent the wrong config file (Express package, 1500/128). He told me that he sent my modem the proper config file for the Pro package and that I should run another speed test which I did. To my relief, it tested at 2500/400. The last thing I did was to put a Linksys Wireless router/firewall between the DSL modem and my home network.

It gave me great pleasure to tell Comcast to cancel my cable modem service because their prices were too high. I still have their cable TV service.

January 2006 Update:

For the first time, I'm experiencing some download troubles. I ran a speed test and my download speed is around 200 Kbit/s. I'm waiting to see if this a temporary glitch or something more serious.

May 2006 Update:

With my initial contract up soon, I was able to get a new one-year contract from ATT/SBC. The new contract is for 1 year and my new monthly rate will be $24.99/month, a $5 savings!!! The whole process took about 30 minutes on the phone with customer service.

May 2007 Update:

With my second 1-year contract up soon, I was able to get a new 1-year contract from ATT/SBC at the same rate I was paying over the past year, $24.99/month. For committing for another year, I also get 1 month free. All of this was done online so it took less than 5 minutes to renew.

June 2008 Update:

My third 1-year contract expired in May and now I am month-to-month at $30/month. I have not tried to contact AT&T to see what they offer for another 1-year contract. Service has been pretty good with no major problems or outages.

March 2011 Update:

Well AT&T danced with the devil and implemented a 150 GB cap on all DSL customers with overages after you exceed the cap three times. With that, my 6 year stint with AT&T DSL will be over soon as I head back to Comcast HSI. I signed up for the Performance promo-package (12/2, 15/3 with PowerBoost) for $19.99 for the first 6 months. Yes, Comcast has a cap (250 GB, 100 more than AT&T) but it's a soft cap with no overages and that's something I can live with. C'ya AT&T!

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