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Review by Coolbrz See Profile

  • Location: Kane,Mckean,PA
  • Cost: $44 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "Reliable, good service"
Bad "Pricing"
Overall "Starting to look elsewhere"
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My Other Reviews

Update #3 Jan 31st

Still trying to cancel service. Residential seems to think im walmart. The email address i was given responded that they cannot find my account. I am back on the phone with business to try and cancel.


Update #2 today

Still trying to cancel service with verizon. Apparently they have my account as a business account and not residential, meaning i get bounced around a bit. Finally after 3 reps and 2 hours across 2 days i was given an email address to cancel service.


Jan 30th 2014

Again another price increase with same service. This area will never be upgraded past copper so why keep jacking the price up. At any rate, i am done with Verizon. Comcast internet for 25/5 package is 38$/month versus verizon 3m/768 (still) and verizon keeps upping the ante with nothing seen on my side.

End Update


Nov 3, 2012

I'm in a different area now, still using Verizon DSL 3M/768k

Still stable, rarely ever an outage. That has been the main reason Ive stuck with them this long paying 34$/month for a dry loop.

Just received an email that they are raising the price 5 bucks. I guess the attrition is starting. They will never upgrade my area, too small, so i understand, but really bump up the price on DSL another 5 bucks?!?

For the lousy speed, Ill pass. My days are numbered with Verizon.

End Update


I have had the service since, November 2001, just now getting the review in.

My only gripe I have (reason for some low scores) is the prequal checks on my line. Called up for service, billing said I didnt qualify. Ok no prob, my landlord (same house) calls up and his is good. I call again, still no go. I call a third time, and finally got someone that tested it correctly I assume, and was go to go.

Now, fast forward to the speed increase, I call to see if I qualify, the lady says I do not. My landlord calls, and he qualifies?!?! So I call again and get a guy on the phone (wish I remembered his name, cuz he was quite decent), checked my line and said no problem and put the order in for the speed increase.

Other than those headaches, Verizon has been very good to me here and for the year I had it in Philly. Total of about 10 hours without service over 2 seperate days in the entire time I have had it. Speeds and pings are consistently good.

Thumbs up to Verizon from me.

July 1, 2004 Update (system bugs me from time to time )

Not much has changed, I did get the upload speed increased to 384 and that seems alright. Only problem I had recently was some Intermitant sync. There were a couple nights that I was working late, (roughly 2 am) and the ready light would drop and resync. This would happen every ten minutes or so. One night it began as early as 10PM.

Well, anyhow, I had had enough one night and decided to use the Online chat support. I really only wanted to see if there were any tickets open for my area (nothing on the network status page). I explained the entire issue and the agent came back with "If the ready light is going out, that means a disruption in the signal".......No kidding, ummmm

"There is no outages in your area"

Okay, thats all I wanted to know. Perhaps it was my wiring or something. My roommate does not lose connection. Mine only seems to drop from time to time late night (after midnight) and possibly the morning. It does not drop often from what I can tell, may need to look into it some more but for right now Im fine.

Other than that, things are roughly the same during the time that I use it and am not working late

Still a thumbs up from Verizon from me, it runs close to the caps and the int. connection at late hours is not too bad......yet

Tech support was a little iffy, so that rating remains a 3. I almost bumped it to a 2 as the tech just repeated to me over and over what the ready light flashing meant, after I explained myself. Ahhh well, such is life I guess.

Nov 1 2004

Not with Verizon anymore, have moved to a new place and have Adelphia cable. Still nothing really bad to say about Verizon, it is a solid service in this neck of the woods.

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