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Review by fmorriso See Profile

  • Location: Sterling,Loudoun,VA
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "none"
Bad "Fraudulent advertisement of ADSL availability in CountrySide."
Overall "Verizon ADSL is a marketing fraud"
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I live in the CountrySide development of Sterling, VA, ZIP 20165. Along with my next door neighbor, we are the victims of a massive fraud perpetrated by Verizon when it comes to soliciting ADSL subscribers and then failing to deliver any service in a reasonable time frame.

My neighbor checked the Verizon web site in late November 2003 to see if ADSL service was available (plug in telephone number and ZIP code) and was told it was available. He ordered the service on 11/23/2003. A few days later, he was given an estimated service activation date of 12/11/2003. When 12/11/2003 arrived with no ADSL service, he received an auto-generated email and auto-generated voice mail saying the service was delayed until 12/19/2003. On 12/19/2003 he was told that, because they were not able to meet their service goals, they were canceling the ADSL order and would send a label to allow him to return the kit they had previously sent. My neighbor called back and said he did not want to send the kit back and would, instead, like to stay on the ADSL "list". The last entry on the www.verizon.com/dslorderstatus shows an order date of 1/2/2004 (not 11/23/2003, so it appears Verizon ignored their customer's wishes and went ahead and canceled his original order despite being told not too, and reentered it with a new order date). His "new" estimated service activation date is 2/3/2004, which, of course, has long since past. They even had the balls to send him a bill for an "unreturned modem kit" with a cost of $99.

As for me, I ordered Verizon ADSL on 2/5/2004 and was given an estimated service activation date of 2/18/2004. On 2/18/2004 I received an auto-generated email and voice mail saying my service has been delayed until 2/26/2004. Based upon my neighbor's experience, I recognized this lie immediately.

It appears Verizon is engaging in deliberate fraud (not mere "misrepresentation") by marketing a product they cannot deliver. They refuse to elaborate why (over subscribed? hardware problems? no copper (i.e.., too much fiber optics?) the service is not being provided despite advertising its availability since November 2003.

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Sterling, VA
·Verizon Online DSL

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Update 2013-09-16

I recently learned for the first time that I'm located 36,700 feet from the actual Verizion building that provides DSL internet access. I always knew I was beyond the 18,000 foot normal limit for DSL, but this is the first time I learned EXACTLY how far I was located. I was informed that my DSL "service" (a term I use loosely) was provided by something called a " remote circuit" (yet another detail nobody has ever told me) that I infer to be some type of "relay" to the "real" DSL circuitry. I've been paying for 3Mbps service but was told my "remote circuit" plus my distance means even the best equipment (mine is a DLINK DSL-2750B - is that considered "best"?) could never provide 3Mbps or anything even close. Even worse, the next step down, 1.5Mbps, is not even a possibility due to the "remote circuit" limitations. The only other choice for my "remote circuit" is 1Mbps. Bottom line: I've been paying "extra" for 3Mbps "service" (there's that word again) for a line/circuit that was NEVER capable of and never COULD be capable of 3Mbps service. The only thing good about the new DLINK 2750B is that the DSL connection doesn't drop as often as the Westell 2200 that it replaced.



Re: Update 2013-09-16

You may be 36,000+ feet from the office, but the DSL is originating much closer to your home at a remote terminal, and youre STILL far from that point if you only qualify for 1Meg