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Review by owlyn See Profile

  • Location: Southampton,Bucks,PA
  • Cost: $29 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "Not these days unless you have no choice"
Bad "tech support, price/value"
Overall "No longer a good deal for the money"
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My Other Reviews

A few problems encountered during install even though I followed the directions to the letter (plus, I work in an I.S. department, so I am familiar with tech issues). Called their tech support. Got lucky on first call and got a level 2 tech who had encountered my problem before and talked me through the setup. Other calls to tech support for various minor issues met with mixed results. I can't stress this part enough: Just keep calling till you get someone who knows what they are doing. Canadian accent is a very good sign that you are "aboot" to get the right answer. NEVER accept the advice to reinstall Windows. It is _extremely_ rare that this will solve the problem.

Get a whole house splitter if you can (instead of line filters). I had problems with caller-id with the line filters. Splitter fixed it and improved my varioius DSL spec numbers as well.

UPDATE 12/2010: Long story, but my connection went from 1.5 to .04. There is now no North American-based tech support, so the support is pretty poor. All they do is follow scripts. If you have a problem that takes them off the script, you are hosed. In my case, I proved that the problem was not inside my house by connecting the router to the NID and got the same results. Also ran line quality tests, etc. The results proved that there was a problem at their CO, and they even admitted that the problem was on their side of the NID. Yet, after almost two weeks, they still insisted on sending a 2nd person out to my house (the first one replaced the splitter in the NID) If it were not for a frequent contributor here who is a VZ employee, and was able to cause the fix at the CO to occur, the problem would never have been resolved. I have since left VZ and switched to Comcast HSI triple play, save over $40/month, and my speed is 20/2.

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