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Review by mb See Profile

  • Location: Washington,Warren,NJ
  • Cost: $5 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "Excellent Bundle Deal"
Bad "Can't compete with Comcast's Speeds, Not IPv6 ready"
Overall "Excellent Basic ISP"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

After a rocky start, Infospeed has been running solidly here in Northern NJ. I regularly see 500/68 speeds. I use a Netgear RT314 Gateway Router to network 2 PCs.

Update 2 years later: Verizon is now much more stable, I constantly see 516/81 here in New Jersey. I am told that Verizon must resolve some issues with our Public Utilities Commission before we can see a boost in speed to the Verizon standard 768/128. I am paying the 39.95/month rate, which I assume is a grandfathered rate. Friends in the area have Optimum Online which offers about ten times the speed I see for the same price. It is not available here as we are in Comcast territory and Comcast will likely never match Optimum Online, so, I will likely be a DSL customer for a long time.

Update Sept 2002 NJ has been upgraded to 768/128 and I see consistent 728/136. I can't remember when the last time was that I lost service. I am still paying $39.95/month. I feel comfortable in saying Verizon now kicks ass!

Update May 2004 I have been upgraded to 1500/384 and now pay $29.95/month. Service is rock solid. I don't think that I've had 10 minutes of downtime in the last 2 years. Mail and News are top notch.

Update September 2004 I ordered a new line with 3000/768 service and now pay $44.95/month. The order went through without issue in 5 days. Verizon has evolved into a top notch operation.

Update November 2004 I took advantage of a regional promotion that reduced the cost of the 3000/768 package to $29.95/month and included a 4 port wire/wireless router/modem in exchange for a 1 year agreement. A great deal.

Update May 2005 Only change since last review has been a swapped Westell 327 modem router. The initial made in China Ver E had been shelved due to instability issues, the current Ver C made in USA version runs flawlessly. At this point the only thing I am looking forward to is the ability to drop the dial tone on this DSL line and save $12/month on my phone bill.

Update Jan 2006 Moved DSL from a secondary to my primary telephone line and had the secondary line disconnected at a savings of $13/month. After intervention by top level tech support the MCO properly configured the ASAM at my CO and issues involving the move order were resolved. Service is fine.

Update Feb 2007 Moved DSL from my primary telephone line to a "dry loop" for $34.99/month. This is s $5/m increase. I disconnected my primary telephone line and now use Vonage over the DSL circuit for telephone. The bottom line is about a $15/month savings. The connection is rock solid with low latency (fastpath) and speed tests average 2875/735. The only issue occurred during the switch from interleaved to fastpath. I am now on ADSL2+ equipment and the initial change order was botched and had to be re-ordered. Outsourced tech support made the process very difficult. Thank god for the VerizonDirect forum at BBR!

Update October 2008 After over 8 years as a Verzion (Bell Atlantic) DSL customer, I canceled service. This cancellation came after a side by side trial between Comcast and Verizon ISP offerings. In my location, Comcast consistently provides twice the speed for about the same cost and the quality of service seems to be identical. The only complaint about Verizon would be it's inability to provide me with faster speeds. If and when FIOS comes to my area, I'll be back.

Update February 2011: 11 Years after having my initial DSL circuit turned up, I have again returned. Now I regularly see speeds of 6710/730 (vs 500/68 in 2000) with low latency/jitter due to fastpath provisioning. I had DSL re-installed as it is only costing about $5/month as part of a 2 year bundle deal that was offered when I returned to Verizon telephone service after a 3 year foray into VOIP. The deal included a free Westell 7500 wireless gateway. Comcast is the primary ISP due do their speed, but the Verizon DSL is more than adequate for the web and e-mail and at $5/month it is an easily justifiable backup internet connection.

Update October 2011: Rock solid, no issues, Verizon's DSL and Comcast's HSI are feeding the LAN here through a Draytek dual wan router. The quality of the wireline voice service that accompanies DSL just cannot be beat by any VOIP provider.

Update July 2012: The DSL now only feeds the DVR and is now used only to supply Netflix. The two reasons behind this are: No caps verses my other ISP Comcast and Comcast provides IPv6, Verizon does not. My Draytek Dual WAN router is not yet IPv6 ready and combining the DSL and Cable through it was causing some issues. DSL remains rock solid

Update May 2013: The DSL and landline circuits have been turned off for good. Although the service excelled, it was obvious that Ma Bell has no interest in being competitive with Cable HSI. My cable circuit supplies more than the necessary bandwidth for all of my needs. Landline switched to ATT wireless home phone at $23/month for unlimited voice service.

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