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Review by mathfaster See Profile

  • Location: Upland,San Bernardino,CA
  • Cost: $30 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party Verizon (ex GTE)
Good "Reliable unless they have a major outage."
Bad "Toll free support not worth the time or effort"
Overall "Back to normal. Use DSLreports Veizon Direct forum to fix issues."
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Update 11/06/10:

On 11/1/10 I was on the internet and at 8:10 AM PST the connection was lost. After this persisted for an hour or so I called tech support and they told me that this was a 'group outage'. Estimated time to restore service 5 PM that day. Server errors. Well, I work from home so this was not welcome news. At 6 PM internet still down. Called at 6 AM the next morning and tech support reestablished service for one hard wired PC connected directly to the modem. Good enough for then. Later went to back to using the router and no go. After resetting modem and router numerous times, I remembered a previous issue with losing service and MAC cloning and Verizon DSL. Tech support fixed the issue and I was back in business. However, I had decided I had it with Verizon DSL. Called Time Warner Cable and they came out 2 days later at 9 AM, installed service in about and hour and a half with free installation and free cable modem. Called Verizon a day later and canceled service after over 6 years using Verizon DSL. Will TWC internet by better? We shall see. People who have it tell me they have had issues with the TV service and not the internet. Same price for 12 months with TWC as naked DSL would be with Verizon and double the speed.

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Update 2/03/07:

I have had Verizon Online DSL for now going on almost 2 1/2 years. I experienced my first known outage on New Year's day 2007 when I got back from vacation. Total loss of DSL connection although voice was fine. Took them about a day-and-a-half to restore my service.

For almost 2 weeks after they restored service I kept having almost cripplingly slow speed in the afternoon. The Verizon DSL online toll free support service did not work for me. I kept telling them my service was fine before the outage and I had not changed anything since but trying to get them to understand that got me nowhere. Had me connect directly, change phone cable, etc., etc., etc. Blamed the modem for having too high a utilization rate. Total BS. Did force me to buy a backup modem off of Ebay which I should have done before anyway as redundancy in all things is not a bad thing when it comes to your internet connection.

Finally after two weeks of getting nowhere, I used the Verizon Direct forum on DSLreports. The Verizon Direct support via this site was terrific. When the CO had restored my service after the outage they didn't complete the provisioning correctly and there was a mis-match in circuits causing almost crippling slow downs in the afternoon. Via the Direct support, they got the CO to find and fix my problem and followed up the day after it was fixed and called back a week after the fix to make sure things were well. Night and day difference between the two support levels.

Lesson learned: use the Verizon Direct forum to get issues resolved to start with and have redundant devices around in case they do fail at some point.

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Original post:

Have had Verizon Online DSL for just over year. I don't believe I have ever had any downtime but I also don't run any monitoring software. Initially I had 1.5Mbps down and 384kps up but when I recently moved my DSL over to a new home office line in order to go VOIP on my residential line (there was no charge for this move - maybe because I added a new POTS line as part of the move), I was upgraded to 3 Mbps down/768 kbps up. I have used this site to see what the cost of this speed is with other ISPs in my area and VOL is $10.00/month cheaper than DSL Extreme for the same speed. Service came with Westell 2100 modem, cables, filters, install CD. Have never had to call tech support. Service ready dates have been on-time or earlier. Service when I ordered in October 2004 came with MSN premium, MacAfee anti-virus and MacAfee firewall. Install was a snap. I have nothing negative to say about Verizon Online DSL.

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