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Review by Capnblinski See Profile

  • Location: Johnstown,Cambria,PA
  • Cost: $35 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
  • Telco party Verizon
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Ordered Verizon's DSL 3000/768 line on 6/21/06. Modem(Westall 6100) and filters arrived two business days later - line was dowloading three days later. Speeds are 2100/501 and are consistent, except for this evening when the speed on the Speakeasy site is showing 1970/501. Will eventually (I hope) figure out why I don't have the full (or close to it) 3000/768 speed.

Had connectivity problems the first 10 days with the modem dropping sync. Checked the modem outside at the NID - same problem. So I goes to call Verizon and they have me go through the same "is this connected, is that connected" runaround and "please stand by, and when your modem's green internet light goes out, let us know". And at that point, I had to hang up on the rep because he spoke English none-to-well through a Middle Eastern accent accented by a strange warbling sound. Well, they did finally say I was losing sync - I already knew that - and promised to send a repairman/tech out the next day. For some reason I had a funny feeling about Verizon sending someone to the house so quickly and sure enough no-one came OR called all that day.So still having the problems during the daytime that Wednesday and then around 5 or 6 PM the sync/internet light on the modem starts winking and blinking these strange Morse-code like flashes, goes solid and has stayed that way since, except during an unusally strong thunderstorm.

So that's my story. To be fair I feel that web access to homes is still having some of the bugs worked out, especially a technology that utilizes old POTS wiring. The cable companies wiring seems to be better suited for broadband and I suppose that's why Verizon is running fiber optic line across the U.S. I'll update this review to let folks know how well my connectivity issue goes.

Sheez! Hi there! It's been awhile. I've moved my residence and got a networking degree in all this time and almost forgot about you folks. Now that things have settled down somewhat, thought I'd report on my DSL connection. Since moving to an area where the wiring is newer and being closer to the CO, I must say I have zero issues with this connection. Stable speeds day and night - although for a while there someone was really hogging some bandwith during the evening hours.

That problem went away as I was just about to find out who the a**holes were. No really, there are no problems - except for the websites out there that are so loaded with crap they'll never work properly. Glad dslreports doesn't have to play that game. So I'll be back more often and thanks for reading and take care everyone.

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