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Review by hawk82 See Profile

  • Location: Oakland,Kennebec,ME
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Install: about 8 days
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "Good, stable connection so far."
Bad "Phone Sales and Technical Support people could be trained a little better."
Overall "Satisfied so far."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable
I signed up for Verizon Business Dynamic Dry Loop DSL service on Wednesday 11/1. Order was acknowledged on Thursday 11/2. The DSL circuit was installed on Thursday night 11/9.

Talking with the phone sales and technical support people, I found they aren't always properly informed. I wanted to know whether a technician was going to be coming out to my location to mark the line that would be used for the Dry Loop DSL. They said no at first. A couple more phone calls later, they said they would have a technician call within 24 hours of the service ready date. Never received that call. Waited till 3pm on the service ready date and called again. Again, someone would call me within 4 hours.

The technician (a phone tech) from Verizon showed up in his bucket truck at around 4:30pm. He wasted no time and hooked up the line at the pole at the end of the street. Tested the circuit, showed me the signal numbers. I asked if the line would qualify for the 3mbit downstream speed, and he said most likely no.

I also did not receive a welcome package in the mail (such as a letter and installation cd). However, I found the link online to BellAtlantic's site for new DSL customers. I followed the steps and eventually was told to call Verizon to have the service set up. I called, asked for the username and password, and was given them.

As for the service itself, it seems really stable. My Vonage sounds way better than it did when I was formerly with Time Warner cable. Latency on Verizon's network seems much more stable and minimal than compared with Time Warner. I am willing to sacrifice download speed for a stable internet connection.

Cliffs: ordered Verizon Business Dynamic IP Dry Loop DSL for $49.95 a month, $25.00 setup fee. No install fee as I did my own install and no modem fee as I bought my own modem (a used bellsouth branded Westell 6100 modem) to use with the service. Satisfied with service so far.

update 10/15: I had an issue with packet loss and errors on the dsl line a few months back. After making three phone calls to Verizon Business Tech Support, they agreed that the issue was local and that a tech would have to be dispatched. A phone tech came out, saw some impedance issues, and spent about an hour removing a bridge tap on my line, which effectively cut 1500 to 2000ft of loop out. This removed the issues with packet loss and errors on the dsl line. Seems to be fine since then.

Update 9/2: A couple weeks back I decided I needed more bandwidth that VZ (well FP now) could provide and have since switched to TWC Business. It took me almost a week to cancel my service with FP. I kept calling twice a day only to have their IVR system drop my call due to all circuits busy/all agents busy. Finally I called FP technical support who patched me into someone to cancel my service. What a joke that was.

Update 7/21/2011: The [dslreports] system keeps asking me to update this review. I canceled my service with Verizon back in 2007 I think. Thus this review is old and can be deleted. Verizon doesn't service this state any longer anyway.

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