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Review by Smith6612 See Profile

  • Location: North Tonawanda,Niagara,NY
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "Low Latency (better for gaming than cable), Availability"
Bad "Not being maintained in high regard by Verizon"
Overall "The service works well and is reliable, but stay on the lookout for congestion or line problems."
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I subscribe to the Enhanced DSL package and run with a FastPath profile. The connection operates at around 6.2Mbps down, 740kbps up, with first hop latency of 7ms. Availability wise, the service is always online. There have been only a few days of downtime from 2004 where I have been unable to get online. Support is often good, with most requests being handled within the first time of contact. For more complex issues (my particular-ness or Verizon messing with the circuit), it can often take weeks to come to a resolution. Gaming-wise, I often have pings of 15-20ms lower than those on Cable in my area, which is always a plus.

As time has gone on, the DSL Service has started to lose it's luster. The reasons for that include:

-Price increases for the same level of service

-Congestion at night (makes QoS REALLY difficult!)

-Unstable CPE

-No IPv6

-Degrading copper infrastructure (lack of investment in wireline)

-Automated provisioning/optimization systems creating problems for myself and others

-Internet services relying on connections faster than what ADSL can provide, especially with multiple users

-Increasingly regular periods of peering problems to many key points of the Internet, requiring a VPN or Proxy to work around.

-Most areas stuck at 3Mbps or less.

While I'm not trying to say the service is downright bad, it is definitely worse than I remember. A lot of these problems have started showing since Verizon ended FiOS expansion. Given how Verizon operates their network, I still plan to stick with them for the short term, but I have been looking around for alternate providers to suit my home. I feel that my DSL days are numbered, and the only service I plan to order from Verizon in the future is FiOS, if that ever decides to show up (stopped one neighborhood over).

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Pacifica, CA
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better than comcast

I had their DSL product for years when I lived in Massachusetts. They were pretty good considering it's aging copper. It's too bad that eventually Verizon is going to sell their copper network to either Frontier or Fairpoint. From what I hear service is either ok or plain terrible from those two companies. That is way too bad. XGFAST is coming and is a badly needed DSL upgrade.

North Tonawanda, NY
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Re: better than comcast

I used to also use Frontier myself on that subject. Frontier I actually had less problems with for the longest time. Their real issues were not increasing speeds beyond 3Mbps/384kbps, and also congestion that started nightly when they began running all traffic through Ashburn. I don't recall being on with Frontier support more than twice, one to report an outage, and another to report really bad congestion.