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Review by dakewe See Profile

  • Location: Mckeesport,Allegheny,PA
  • Cost: $154 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "Cheap"
Bad "Never was reliaby, speeds are bad, tech be laughing/"
Overall "Bye!"
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Jan. 6, 2011

We ordered Verizon DSL through Directv and we save 10 off our Directv Bill for 1 year. Ok. We decided to use a modem a friend gave us. Westell 7500. Now, I talked to Verizon this morning and they told me they were going to send a tech out to put a "Dry Loop" line in. No phone call yet. Be back on later so update.


Hours before on the phone with the Verizon Tech, not so professional when you hear someone cracking up in the background. He said that the CO wasn't ready for me and should be ready at 12:00 midnight. 10:03pm. I got an email from Verizon saying my DSL was ready. Hooked it up, took a second to heat. Boom. Connected to Verizon. I thought I had to put a phone in for it to be connected. Did a speed test, like 1300kbps. Uninstalled the phone and got about 3m down 54 up. I am very satisfied with it.

Jan. 9, 2011,

Speeds suck so much it not even funny, if I had a phone line Dial Up would be faster then this. Speeds are 315 Kbps / 755 Kbps. Upload is always close to the limit.

Jan. 17, 2011
After calls to Verizon, my issue is fixed. It is now wonderful. 2.8.

Jan. 23, 2011,
Snow hits, DSL Goes bye bye, We cannot take it. On Wed, I am cancelling Verizon and going to Comcast, With 15 Down and 3 up, for 29.99 for six months, I can't say no. I am happy to go back to faster Speeds. So, Bye Verizon. I hate you!!! But I love Directv

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