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Review by lunghd See Profile

  • Location: Elliston,Montgomery,VA
  • Cost: $44 per month
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "They were available and cable was not."
Bad "They were available and cable was not."
Overall "Customer service SUCKS until you reach the LOCAL techs - they're great."
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There are times I wish the CEO, Directors etc of Verizon were to suddenly find themselves floating in a sea of molten lava with their lives about to end in 24 hours as their little chunk of solid earth slowly melts away... and the only way they can save their lives is to call Verizon Tech Support using the same phone numbers and trying to communicate with the same "technicians" that we do.

All archaeologists would find is charred corpses holding a phone receiver to their ears from being stuck on hold while some idiot flow-chart jockey from Bongladong is telling them to power off their modem then wait for the "line test" to complete.

It's just a fantasy mind you... but one a lot of Verizon customers share.

Yes - Verizon DSL is what I have.
No - there are no alternatives unless I go with satellite.
Would I switch if there was a comparable alternative? - IN A HEARTBEAT.

Pre-install service was great - phone rep did try to upsell Direct TV package but didn't push too hard and overall was knowledgeable about the packages offered.

Install was for new construction so we had some hurdles there but the install guys were great - they even strung me a temporary line nearly 800' thru the woods... literally strung thru the trees and bushes until they could bury a bundle in the driveway. Line burial was fast and efficient even with having to cut through some solid rock to make a channel for the bundle.

Minor issues after install were handled promptly... but then again I had a voice line then which seems to get better response for service.

Once the voice service was shut down (too damned expensive!!) service went out the window... and performance has steadily declined. We are constantly having to reset the modem, experience slower and slower speeds, lagging during video games etc. Where we once could watch NetFlix on a computer while my son watched YouTube etc we now watch NetFlix "adjusting picture for your connection speed" and net videos stutter while playing 5 seconds of video... then buffering for 30 seconds. Some days internet surfing consists of an error message telling us the dns server cannot be resolved (or somesuch message) The gateway logs show a loss of sync (according to a member here who is helping us) while I'm about to lose my mind.

I really, really despise the pissants who designed the customer "service" system at Verizon... it's obvious that their strategy is to just make it not worth our while to complain and insulate themselves as much as possible from the people they're screwing.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

Edit: After beating my skull against the Verizon Support Brick Wall I finally managed to get the folder jockeys to escalate the issue upwards to someone who speaks fluent Gibberish rather than heavily accented Gibberish. Somewhere along the line they accidentally connected me to someone in the US who didn't speak Gibberish and we had to resort to English.

Imagine that - two people actually able to communicate. I'm sure it was an accident but I'll take it.

Long story short: Finally able to convince them there was a problem. Line tests on their end confirmed an issue & a new gateway was sent out. New gateway improved things but still had wild speed swings and disconnects. Another (rather heated) call finally got me escalated up (again???) and Verizon promised to send a tech out to physically check my line.

They actually called this time and a tech came out. In addition to the gateway they'd already replaced (losing sync etc) there was a problem with their splitter module in the NID box itself.

Local service tech was great - prompt, knowledgeable & courteous. He was the tech who did my original installation and had the same "hustle in motion" he had then. Diagnosed, fixed, tested then was out in about 1/2 hour. A+ for Verizon local service technicians.

Long story short: It appears fixed. Bad gateway + bad line module inside the NID box = a lot of frustration dealing with Verizon phone support. I found two decent phone techs out of all the calls and less than half of the reps could speak understandable English. Verizon gets an F- on the phone support side of things.

I'll give it a few days and update my connection rating if it remains working.

I bumped up my service rating because of the EXCELLENT service tech who fixed things on-site but it would take 10,000 techs like him to overcome the hoards of heavily accented, gibberish speaking phone reps who are a part of the service process. Phone and physical support should be rated seperately.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

A brief update - like most Verizon customers the challenge on giving a review is in finding words that don't peel the paint off of nearby walls.

Any Verizon customer (emphasis on "cuss"-tomer) has an almost weekly need to update any review depending on which Ouija board the phone support people are using. I'm in the midst of screwing up the courage to call "support" again to run down another intermittent issue... I say intermittent because it only happens when we use the internet. If we stay offline, we have no issues with the dsl. (Kind of like having a car with great fuel economy because the motor fell out on the highway last month)

Since the tech replaced the splitter in the NID box last trip, speeds have been fairly good with some frustrating hiccups along the way. Overall - speeds running 1.2kbps for an advertised 1.5 line. I can live with that, the issue now is random and frequent disconnects and often long delays in looking up websites. The thought of wasting another day contending with some folder jockey who cannot speak comprehensible English is already getting my blood pressure up... and I haven't even dialed the phone. If only there was a 'taser phone rep now' button we could push when they start spouting the 'reboot mantra' - the bug zapper sound followed by a scream and curses in a foreign language would almost make the need to call Verizon "support" (I almost typed suppository... a subliminal typo?) something to look forward to. Or perhaps the voltage could be tied to the difference between the advertised and actual line speed? Just a thought.

Again, phone and physical support should be rated separately.


Another adventure in support-land, this time not so bad! Our dsl went out again with multiple disconnects with all sorts of permutations (dsl signal lost, then it would be the IP lease gone, then dsl signal was there... but no sync... you name it - it was on the list of random events.

Avoided calling Verizon 'support' due to past experience with reps who couldn't speak a word of understandable English. Searched online and found a support number at »gethuman.com/phone-number/Verizo ··· zon-DSL/ 866-270-8378 was the number and I spoke to not one, not two but THREE English speaking support techs in about 1 hour on the phone! They were knowledgeable, helpful and NOT locked into a script unable to deviate. We still did the "reboot your modem" dance but got quickly past that after verifying behavior upon reboot.

Bottom line: This number may be a secret number for Verizon employees & their families... I dunno. What I do know is that there are at least 3 people at Verizon who speak English now and that all three are helpful. It was like dealing with an entirely different company - who knows if it will last

It's almost an afterthought but yes, Verizon actually seems to have fixed the problem! They told me it was an equipment issue at the CO and the next day (today; Good Friday) called me to verify that my dsl is now working. We'll see how long that lasts.

Vast improvement in phone support using 866-270-8378 .

5-12-2012 Just an update that connection has been relatively stable since last issue was corrected. Speeds have been good other than one night when a single reboot of the gateway got things back up to 1500. I upped my connection and service rating to reflect the improved service call experience from last time & our current ability to have more than one user online at more than dial-up performance.


09-07-2012 Well, maybe Verizon is listening to us (or keeps 'trouble customers' on a special list...). Just had a reasonable experience with phone support! After months of relative stability, our connection started experiencing intermittent disconnects. Called support & got an English speaking (Yikes!) tech who didn't waste too much time with disconnecting and rebooting the modem thirty times. We ran through the flow-chart... but it wasn't an obsession coming from some laminated phone script. She did a line test while I was on the phone & then immediately scheduled on-site support to call and set up an appointment. Next day, Verizon called to set up the appointment. They followed up with a silly automated reminder - which was half a reminder since their computer was talking to my voice mail & assumes you're listening with rapt attention to it's every word... and never use voicemail.(Hey. It -IS- still Verizon...). Tech called morning of appointment, showed up promptly and quickly found a couple of issues.(One degraded wiring connection & possible modem problem.)
While he was checking out the fix - he made a few calls to the central office and bumped my connection speed up from 1.5 to 1.7! It's -NEVER- been that fast. Ever. He showed me his test screen showing that my line could actually support 3.0 should Verizon actually allow that.

What does all this mean? It's still Verizon and still bloated with incompetence at the upper levels but the on-site service techs are excellent -AND- phone support has improved (at least for me though I suspect I'm on a 'special list' for problem customers now).

Bumped my review up again to reflect improvement.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------


Just an update that speeds and connection have been consistently the best that we've ever had! The last service tech really did a great job and whatever he did via phone to the CO made a HUGE difference in up/down speeds and reliability.

If there were a separate category for rating the service techs, I'd give them a 5 star rating... but since it's all lumped together the managerial side of Verizon is still running in negative stars & pulling the rating down.

Free Advice (and worth every penny!): If you are having problems with your Verizon DSL - try to catch a service tech at a fast food restaurant & chat with him (hell - buy him lunch!) about how to resolve issues with Verizon. You'll probably find that service techs are even MORE frustrated with Verizon management than we are.

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Hudson, NY
·Verizon Wireless..

1.5m -> 3m

DSL Extreme will give you that 3mbit. I had a similar problem where Verizon would only give me 1.5mbit where my line stats showed up to 5mbit.

I got DSL Extreme, who is a CLEC, which means its the same line and same service, but they have a little more control, and they deal with VZ support for you.

When I first got DSL Extreme, I went from 1.5mbit to 3mbit with no problem. A year later I decided to experiment and upgraded to 5mbit, and i get a sync of about 4900kbps most the time.