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Review by zefie See Profile

  • Location: Hudson,Columbia,NY
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "Fast provisioning"
Bad "Slow support, support depts aren't on the same page"
Overall "If you have problems, they don't really care. Just pay your bill."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
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Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·Verizon Wireless..
2 days from order to live. I got the modem the next day, but 2 days was still very fast as this is an OLD (NYNEX days) account and they had to switch our line over to a DSL enabled system at the CO.

My line can likely handle 3m/512k Interleaved (tech's tool showed 5000+/704 as Max Attainable) but getting the full speed was impossible. The tech said I only pay for 1600/384, but the auto-optimizer upgraded me to 2972/640 and the website says I have up to 3M.

What is worse is they noticed the better speeds and locked it down to 1.5mbit again! It never disconnected, it was working perfect, but they downgraded it and refused to restore it.

Business office says I'm only eligible for 1mbit, so you can already see the disconnection between their internal departments. Twitter support is very useful, until they ignore you. VZ Direct on here is great, at least they admitted to locking my speeds down for no good reason. They said "loop length", despite it had worked and would have worked, based on real-time signal stats). As for the Twitter team does have some special access to tools such as an MLT, your line's Max Attainable Rate, ect. But eventually they'll get sick of you, if you have an issue like this.

One important note is that Verizon provisions you based on the loop length in the engineering database. It does not matter if your loop length is 4000ft and you have horrible lines, or your loop length is 14100ft and is higher in the database. Your real-time live signal stats do not matter either. All that matters is that loop length in the database. Your signal stats could show that your line could handle 3mbit, but if they calculate based on the database that you can only get 1.5mbit, that is what you are getting.

Honestly this policy is stupid. And I am still trying to get the full 3mbit after the tech shortened the loop length. Getting them to update the database is a chore.

In the end, despite MLTs and even techs telling me my line could handle 3mbit, they refuse to update it.

Updated 2011-09-09: Switched to DSL Extreme. Have full 3360/704 without issues. Why couldn't Verizon do that? If the line can't handle it, why is it working? Nothing changed, its the same line. DSL Extreme didn't install a new one.

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